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Teach you how to make friends have praised the child good grades, you can give him encouragement, wife cooking delicious, you will praise her virtuous. To do everything will certainly be recognized. So if you want to buy a MPV, how to get the approval of family and friends? How do you make them behave like your car? Changan HOFEN, European fashion home 7 MPV, has a simple yet elegant interior, let your family and friends for your praise home MPV. A good point: suspension type U integrated cockpit Changan HOFEN with a suspension of U type hot car lacrosse, Hideo integrated cockpit, not only to enhance the cockpit level, more fashion, but also from the visual sense, can bring you better comfortable. The entire cockpit with the car as a 360 degree surround one, each functional area is distributed in different regions, a strong sense of hierarchy, at a glance. Let you sit in the car, you can feel a kind of intermediate car technology. Praise two: interior exquisite craft process interior Changan Auchan, although not the pursuit of luxury, but in materials and design, absolutely meticulous intentions, let your friends and family to sit in the car comfortable at the same time, also give you a sense of quality such as Volkswagen car. Use of color with piano paint, Maya silver spray, visual comfort, enhance the interior quality of your interior joint treatment workmanship, the gap is small, reached the manufacturing level of the intermediate car. Point three: pointer dashboard integrated horizontal pull type liquid crystal display from Changan Auchan similar competing products, the traditional conservative, a stylish horizontal pull type instrument design, breaking the traditional separation of design, technology, three-dimensional feeling stronger. 7 inches in the control screen, the German BOSCH automotive electronics for Auchan tailored, with entertainment system, intelligent navigation interface rich functions, clear display, reading is not easy to cause fatigue, improve the driving pleasure and portable, easy to grasp the vehicle state. Praise four: intelligent human-computer interactive multimedia system Changan HOFEN 7 inches large screen integrated intelligent human interaction system, with intelligent navigation, USB playback, Bluetooth, mobile phone mapping and other functions. Through the USB and Bluetooth can listen to music, answer the phone, if connected to the mobile phone, mobile phone and two-way operation can also be the big screen, WeChat reply and answer the phone, greatly improve the driving convenience and comfort, it is worth mentioning that, Po Chun 730, 360 hand machine no scenery mapping function. Point five: multi-function steering wheel and seat leather Changan Auchan used three type multifunction steering wheel, leather wrapped, feel comfortable, and the steering wheel with integrated 6 function keys, convenient operation. Auchan seats also features a leather wrapped, fine workmanship, and ergonomic, comfortable, soft close, intimate to you to enjoy. With such a value of the interior, in front of family you can feel proud, in front of friends also make full face, improve the quality of life of one family, open happy life. Changan HOFEN 100 car thousands of City Tour event near the end, Changan HOFEN million users happy summer camp strong relay, perhaps the next station is on your side, only 51 thousand and 900 -6.49 million price can have!相关的主题文章: