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Superior dynamic configuration rich drive Jiangling Yu wins S330- Beijing Beijing in August 25, in April of this year’s Beijing auto show, Jiangling brought the first compact city SUV – Yu Sheng S330, the new car launched a total of 7 models, 1.5T+6MT or 1.5T+6AT two power combination. In July 26th, Jiangling Yu wins S330 in Chengdu officially announced the pre-sale price 88 thousand and 800 -14.28 million, located in the city of SUV group activity. The new car in appearance, space, power, configuration and other aspects for the young people of the demand for personalized design, Yu Sheng brand also ushered in a new and more youthful appearance. Recently, in Beijing’s Yu Sheng S330 media drive, experience of Yu Sheng S330 had to experience. Yu Sheng S330 is Ford and Jiangling together to create a new urban SUV. Its model design, research and development, procurement, manufacturing are strictly in accordance with Ford global standards. Compared with competing products, Yu Sheng S330 dynamic performance, wide suitable space, rich configuration and price value are all factors to attract consumers. The design, Yu Sheng S330 at first glance, it will let you shine at the moment. At the same time to join the trend of the design language, while retaining the strength of the SUV model of the aesthetic sense, but in the details of the design more refined, young and stylish. Whale mouth blade front, under the huge trapezoidal grille, sharp double waist, floating roof, creating a distinct American sports style visual experience. Power, Yu Sheng S330 1.5 L GTDi turbocharged gasoline engine equipped with the maximum output power of 120KW, peak torque of 250N? M. With turbo GDI, double continuous variable valve timing three advanced technology, high efficiency and low energy consumption. And, the Ford6 speed manual gearbox, this gearbox, also in maverick, Mondeo models. This dynamic combination of actual test drive on the mountain, whether it is flat or uphill all exhibit good dynamic performance. Have 250N? 1.5L m turbocharged engine maximum torque to make the car run easily without any difficulty, and the power output is relatively smooth, flat on the road when driving this deep, often go on foot on the accelerator, imperceptibly speed has exceeded 100km H. In addition, thanks to the 1500-3500 engine has a broad peak torque platform, its low speed torque is relatively abundant, just need to keep the engine speed of 1500 rpm or more you can cope with most of the road. 6 block manual gearbox and the engine is very close to the understanding of the convergence of power and ride comfort has played a key role. The internal space is wide, long Yu Sheng S330 body were 4588mm 1932mm 1676mm, wheelbase 2712mm. And the same level compared to competing products, Yu Sheng S330 has a strong advantage in body size and wheelbase, is positioned as a compact SUV, but has B class car level super space. Yu Sheng S3.相关的主题文章: