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Sports-and-Recreation As soon as you get your new pair of Dr Martens home treat them with the Wonder Balm that is packaged with the boots. Even if you are planning to spit shine them to get that army look. Wonder Balm has been specifically made for Dr Martens and is designed to protect the specific leather that Dr Martens boots are made from. To achieve an army style shine on your Dr Martens, you need to spend at least 90 minutes polishing them. Begin by spreading a thick layer of paste over the portion of the boot that you want to spit shine. Allow the polish to dry about 10 minutes. Now wrap a soft smooth textured cloth around your index finger; stretch the cloth across your finger so that there are no wrinkles in it. Dip your finger in some water, but only long enough for the cloth to be.e wet through. It must not be dripping wet. Buff the dried polish in a circular motion with your cloth covered finger. It will very slowly begin to shine up. Using your still damp finger apply another thin layer of polish and buff. Every now and then move the cloth on your finger so that you have a clean surface to work with. Repeat the whole process until you have the army shine that you want. To keep your boots in good condition, clean and polish them at least once a week. Order some more wonder balm and use that on your boots at least once a month instead of applying polish. Wonder balm feeds the leather, whilst polish only protects it. Remember that leather is a living product that needs to be fed to stay in good condition. Should your Dr Martens ever get soaking wet do not dry them out using direct heat. They do need to be dried out 100%, but this must be done slowly. Putting them near a heater will lead to the leather drying out, hardening, cracking and eventually splitting. They will also not be as .fortable to wear. Dr Martens are a quality product, but if you want them to really last you need to take good care of them. The high quality leather that Dr Martens are made out of needs to have good quality products used on it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: