South Korean President wanjiebubao as 9 days have mostly prosecuted 3edyy

South Korean President wanjiebubao as 9 days have mostly prosecuted the original title: Pu Jinhui bestie "fermentation, served as president of the Republic of Korea are mostly wanjiebubao? Pu Jinhui "bestie" event continuous fermentation, according to Yonhap reported this morning, the afternoon of October 31st to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s office for investigation of Pu Jinhui cronies politics door protagonist Cui Shunshi prosecution was arrested. The prosecution intends to prove the suspect within 48 hours of the longest detention time and apply for detention order Cui Shunshi. The president later this event shocked politics is "wanjiebubao". Obama solution (WeChat ID:guanhaijieju) bureau of Statistics found that since 1980s, almost every South Korean President are involved in a corruption scandal at the end of the term or after retiring, even the president therefore embarked on the road of Dutch act. Almost every South Korean President is at the end of the term or after leaving the corruption scandal Lee Myung-bak stepped down only 9 days because of "private prosecution case" before retiring in 4 months, former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak in "private" case, South Korea special prosecutor team survey released in November 4, 2012, President Lee Myung-bak in private Gu Dong case the prosecution of 3 presidential officials, and Lee Myung-bak himself, "first lady" Jin Runyu and his son Li Shijiong has not been charged. Earlier, Lee Myung-bak had a brother and confidant of corruption to all the national apology. However, in March 5, 2013, leaving only 9 days ago, Lee Myung-bak therefore buy hole of the cereal inside the storm and the private land in the general public and illegal supervision by public bodies and television ILO report and prosecution. (Figure: Lee Myung-bak and his wife) citizen groups involved in the joint was suspected of violating the Republic of Korea special economic crimes aggravated punishment law to the Central District Court in Seoul, reported the Lee Myung-bak. The report said the material of Lee Myung-bak instructed the director before the land of Chong Wa Dae Police Department Jin Renzhong, former Chong Wa Dae police administrative officer Jin Taihuan, Lee Myung-bak in the house purchase for the building, causing losses to the state, or at least accept the relevant report provides help. The group also reported Lee Myung-bak’s wife, Ms. Jin Runyu and her son, Li Shijiong, and that the name of the son of her son in the name of the purchase of land in violation of the real estate real estate trading system in the name of. In addition, Li Shijiong in order to buy land borrowed from Uncle Lee Myung-bak’s elder brother Li Xiangen, the 600 million won (about 3 million 435 thousand yuan), there may be a gift to his son Lee Myung-bak funds, thus increasing the suspicion of a violation of tax laws in the Lee Myung-bak report. On the other hand, the national media labor organization YTN (News) branch to prosecutors and Sue Lee Myung-bak, Lee Myung-bak advocates for illegal surveillance of ordinary people, and during the breach of privilege and the proposed requirements, compensation for each of 20 million won, a total of 100 million won lawsuit against 5 people including Lee Myung-bak. Roh Moo-hyun in his later years, he was not able to bear the pressure of corruption cliff suicide Roh Moo-hyun became president in 2003, retiring in 2008. After retiring Roh Moo-hyun should be in the home of An Xiangpeng相关的主题文章: