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Sood | children are too competitive to do? Baby baby – life is always very strong Sohu, what in the first fight, let parents both happy and worried. Why do babies like to go? What does happiness and sadness bring to their little minds? Psychological research shows that, from the beginning of the 2 year old child, self-consciousness began to develop, but because of the things outside and lack of objective understanding, often self-centered, so he hopes that "I" is concerned, "I" to gain recognition in the game will "win", hope I can well done, get parents teachers praise and recognition, this is the nature of children. But if you lose, fail, you will have a sense of frustration, which makes it difficult for children to accept. And the children of various "loser" is facing a setback reaction, is not derived from "feisty". Moreover, this is also a way to praise the children outside the relationship. First of all, if the child has been in praise of growth, the lack of rational criticism, his psychological will be very fragile, once lost, will be self denial, that "lose" is a disgrace shameful thing, even unable to face. Secondly, if parents praise a single child, for example, often you are awesome "you’re smart" evaluation style praise, the child is usually very difficult to accept failure of frustration. Psychologist De Wei had an interesting experiment, found the child in the future are praised for their intelligence, usually did not dare to accept the challenge, but the challenge after the failure of the attribution to itself is not smart enough to be praised; and the efforts of the child, more willing to choose the difficult challenges, but failed to because of his hard enough. The study found that children are not able to stand up to the wisdom of the failure of frustration. In particular, a good girl, suffered the most serious blow. Finally, if did not let their children experience difficulties and solve problems, parents have always been acting on their behalf, in the face of failure, children lack of adaptability and resilience, will be unable to withstand setbacks, will lie, escape and retreat, give up such behavior to deal with. How should parents treat such children? 01 first of all, don’t criticize the child, the child’s feelings of empathy to children not first, did not win, certainly very sad, depressed, or even self blame, jealousy, fear, fear not love their parents and teachers, kids may laugh at myself. To understand the child’s feelings, let the children know that their emotions are accepted, understood, and they are still loved. 02 help children to establish a correct sense of competition and success or failure to teach children the correct understanding of their own, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, it is impossible in all competitions are strong. Winning and losing is a natural thing, we should accept, as long as it is the one thing dedicated to complete, is a success, rather than beating people’s success won the first. 03 through the game to let the children experience the "lose" the taste of stone scissors cloth, playing cards, playing chess, playing racket!相关的主题文章: