Some of the banks tightened scrutiny of new housing loans (video) zghd

Some of the banks to strengthen the housing review of new housing loans issued by the central bank released the first three quarters of the financial data in the first 9 months of housing loans to accelerate the growth rate data: people in the house. After the central bank concentrated banks interviewed Wei Liang photo…… "Eleven" long, around the introduction of regulatory policy for the property market, the proportion of tightening mortgage loans Shoufu become a common practice; in October 12th, the central bank called the 5 state-owned big firms and 12 joint-stock commercial bank official meeting to discuss the current situation of real estate credit; in October 19th, 25 Chinese funded commercial banks by the central bank Shanghai headquarters interviews. Be required to continue to strictly implement the real estate credit limit policy…… The property market fever with one after another "rain" began to appear "cold", the market already smell the property market inflection point. A bank first has been higher than the benchmark interest rate in this round of adjustment, all aimed at personal housing mortgage loans. Beijing morning news reporter visited the Bank of Beijing found that most banks have begun to implement the "9·"; 30 new deal". According to Beijing’s "9· 30 new deal, the first set of ordinary residential Shoufu ratio will rise from 30% to 35%, non ordinary residential Shoufu ratio from 30% adjusted to 40%; two sets of ordinary residential Shoufu ratio is still 50%, non ordinary residential Shoufu increase from 50% to 70%. At the same time, the new deal to recognize the room does not recognize the loan, as long as the name of the individual has a room, whether or not a mortgage, and then buy a new house are considered to be two suites. In fact, the bank as early as 9·, 30 new deal, it has begun to tighten bank loans. According to WIK Anjie Planning Manager Wu Hao introduction, the three quarter when the bank has the first suite of mortgage interest rate concessions, from the previous 17% off to 15% off minimum change. Beijing Morning Post reporter survey found that some banks are still currently operating discounts. Many banks said that the current discount dynamics do not know how long it can last. While a few banks actually implement the first home loan interest rates have been higher than the benchmark interest rate. By the end of the year, even if there is no relevant policies, it is estimated that banks will tighten this part of the business." Wu Hao said that at the end of the bank’s position began to tense, is caused by seasonal factors. Review of mortgage tightening, lending cycle is not only the extension of the bank’s mortgage cycle has begun to have an extension of the trend, and the review of the strength of the housing has become increasingly stringent. A housing intermediary company said that before the "9· 30 of this part of the customer before the new deal signed, bank loans may have to speed up the approval, but the" 9· 30 new "after the new deal bank to wait for more thorough ground, some bank lending rate has slowed and lending cycle extension. Beijing Morning Post reporter visited found that many banks personal housing mortgage loan business is still in the state of such notice. A branch of a state-owned bank employees even bluntly, in the notice, the state, the bank has suspended the new housing loan business. And for the loan qualification, to prevent false divorce measures are also increasing. Minsheng Bank had issued a notice to.相关的主题文章: