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Small alarm said 7 thousand dollars in the dormitory disappeared, the truth behind the monitoring, September 18th, Hangzhou Changqing police station received a small forest alarm said: nearly seven thousand dollars in the staff quarters, business funds and spare money was missing. Two consecutive days of careful internal audit outside the police, found that Lin and a roommate roommate did not commit a crime, and seven thousand dollars really disappeared. "I went back to work in the dormitory in the morning, and put my business and spare money into a black shoulder bag in the room, but I went to the bank to save money in the afternoon and found that the money in the package was gone." Since the surrounding people are not suspected of committing crimes, then will it be a self directed play by Lin? In accordance with this idea, the police began to dig deeper. Police retrieved video surveillance found that Lin in September 18th at about 12, a man carrying a black backpack to leave the area, and then went straight to the east to Xinhua Road Qingchun Road direction. "Before Lin reflects the bank to save money, it should be in the opposite direction to go west."." Police found doubtful points, can monitor the angle of the problem, Lin walked to the Holiday Inn gate after Xinhua disappeared. Subsequently, the police from familiar with other staff Lin understand that Lin usually has a hobby is playing lottery, and away from the monitoring point 30 meters forward, there is a large lottery sales hall! Indeed, the police found Lin figure in the lottery hall monitoring. Lin in the lottery machine to play three hours left unable to part. On the morning of September 21st, the police summoned an investigation on Lin’s alleged false report. In the face of the evidence, Lin had to admit the truth: 18 PM, he used to store business models of playing the lottery lost 2000 yuan, because the store is unable to pay, false police report said the stolen money, then the remaining money to their Alipay business, and the business section of packaging bags thrown on the roadside green belt. Because the false case, fancy Lin has been under the city police sentenced to administrative detention for 7 days, and impose a fine of $200 administrative penalty.

小伙报警称宿舍里7千块钱不见了 监控揭背后真相9月18日,杭州下城长庆派出所接到小伙林某报警称:放在员工宿舍的近七千块钱营业款和备用金不翼而飞。民警连续两天细致地内审外查,发现和林某同宿舍的室友并没有作案嫌疑,而七千块钱确实不见了。“我凌晨下班回宿舍,把营业款和备用金都放在房间的一个黑色双肩包里,可下午去银行存钱,发现包里的钱没了。”既然周边的人都没有作案嫌疑,那么会不会是林某自编自导的一出戏呢?按照这个思路,民警开始进一步深挖。民警调取视频监控发现,林某于9月18日12时左右,一个人背着黑色双肩包离开小区,然后径直向东往庆春路新华路方向走。“林某之前反映去存钱的银行,应该是反方向往西走才对。”民警发现疑点,可监控角度问题,林某走到新华路上的假日酒店门口后就消失了。随后,民警又从熟悉林某的其他员工处了解到,林某平常有个嗜好就是玩彩票,而离监控消失点向前30米,就有一个大型彩票销售厅!果不其然,民警在彩票大厅监控上又发现了林某的身影。林某在彩票机前玩了三小时才恋恋不舍离开。9月21日上午,民警对林某以涉嫌谎报案情传唤调查。在证据面前,林某不得不交代真相:18日下午,他用店内的营业款玩彩票亏了2000多元,因为无法向店里交款,就报假警称钱款被盗,后来又将剩余营业款转到自己的支付宝中,并将营业款包装袋扔在路边绿化带。因为谎报案情,自作聪明的林某已被下城警方处以行政拘留7日,并处罚款200元的行政处罚。相关的主题文章: