Singapore again spoiler Li Xianlong and Abe south to mention the South China Sea order – Sohu Milita winavi

Singapore again spoiler Li Xianlong and Abe " the South China Sea; the South China Sea order " Military Channel – Sohu Global Times News: visiting Japan, Singapore’s prime minister Li Xianlong 28, held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. Japan’s Kyodo news agency, 28, said the new prime minister on the early launch of the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) signed, the South China Sea issue and North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats and other issues to reach a consensus to seek cooperation". Reported that Andouble and Li Xianlong in Tokyo on 28 Akasaka Yingbin Hotel held talks. After the meeting, two people attended the press conference. Andouble said, in the new turn to the 50 anniversary of Premier Li Xianlong’s visit to Japan as an opportunity to further strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries. Li Xianlong attaches great importance to the development of new relations, and said it would work with Japan to promote the early entry into force of TPP. Japan’s Jiji news agency said, Japan’s new prime minister talks is not limited to the bilateral cooperation, but a wide range of areas, around TPP, the South China Sea issue and the situation in the Korean Peninsula, the two sides reached many consensus. On the South China Sea issue, Japan and the two sides agreed to emphasize the importance of marine law order". At the same time, North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats, the two countries said they will join hands to take stringent measures to deal with". A new high-speed rail project, the new deputy ministerial meeting agreed to the relevant departments in this year, it introduced a new high-speed rail in Japan’s Shinkansen technology research. Li Xianlong said, looking forward to see the Japanese Shinkansen bid". November, Singapore President Chen Qingyan will visit japan. Japan’s new prime minister expressed "very much looking forward to the new president’s visit to Japan to promote relations between the two countries".相关的主题文章: