Shennongjia will end the history of high-speed driving from Wuhan as long as 5 hours exit safe mode

Shennongjia will end the history of high-speed driving from Wuhan as long as 5 hours of Hubei tourist destination is about to end the high-speed history of Shennongjia. Recently, the reporter learned from the transport sector, Paul (Kang) God (agricultural frame) high speed has started construction, is expected to four years after the opening, when the car from Wuhan to Shennongjia, the whole can go fast, 5 hours can arrive. Because of the remote location, Shennongjia is the only city in our province. The drive from Wuhan to Shennongjia, one is along the Han Yi high-speed 4 hours to Yichang, and then along the line of highway 255, highway 209. Due to Shennongjia’s Yichang Road complex, trip takes about 5 hours, this is, from Wuhan to Shennongjia to 9 hours. Can also be transferred into the Han ten high-speed bamboo to Fangxian, and then along the road to the national highway, the whole time about 7 hours. At the end of the month, Bao Shen Expressway in Shennongjia officially put the start line. The high starting point in Baokang County, and insuright highway connecting; end point is located in Shennongjia forest region Yangri town construction, the total mileage of 42.924 km, the design speed of 80 km, four lane, the estimated investment of 6 billion 800 million yuan, is expected to be commissioned in 2020. By then, Hubei will not only achieve high-speed every county, drive to Shennongjia can also be a high-speed direct road. If the departure from Wuhan, the bamboo high speed, more than 4 hours can be reached by Baokang, Baokang Baoshen into high speed, 1 hours can reach Shennongjia. (reporter Deng Wei)相关的主题文章: