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She rented car2go train hit three people who should be responsible? The evening of November 6th, Yubei District Jiazhou garden California road section, a car2go smart fortwo Benz automobile traffic accident on the road, two road toll collectors and the little girl was knocked down by a passing. The cause of this accident is a driver, driving for just over a year after the 95 driver, she rent car2go car practice. Three people hit the driver cry 7 p.m., the parking staff Mr. Li and Ms. the couple was on the side of the road work. In the two people to discuss things, a smart car from the direction of the Golden Dragon Road, the car did not make a deceleration and evasive action, directly toward the two people in the past. The two dodge directly knocked out two meters far. At the same time, the right side of the body also hung a little girl crossing the road. The car lights also dented in the right. Mr. Lee was knocked down to the ground, a painful groan, his wife reluctantly sat on the steps, pain. The little girl was able to stand but was frightened. The car down a young woman driver, after three people to see the situation, some overwhelmed, constantly shed tears. Nearby people came to view and call the alarm call. After the driver is a novice car received the alarm, the Yubei District Public Security Bureau patrol detachment Longxi group, accident and prevention of the police brigade rushed to the scene to investigate. Chongqing morning news reporters rushed to the scene, the 120 emergency vehicles are being sent to hospital for treatment of the injured three. The woman driver Shen 21 years old this year, is living in the vicinity of Jiazhou Road, a driver’s license to the internship in October. Around 6:30 in the evening, Shen by phone APP, rented a car smart car practice. "I walked along the road Jiazhou circle." Before the accident, she’s been around three laps. Shen said that when the speed is not fast, did not step on the accelerator, but do not know how the accident. Shen tears told the police, when the accident happened, she felt a each other out at a distance, the other is not clear. The injured will carry out a review of the injury yesterday, reporters and injured ms.. Ms. Ou head also some pain, Mr. Li’s case is heavier, preliminary investigation of kidney blood clots, a talk on body pain. The hospital will be two people to review the injury. Now there are still some difficulties with the two exchanges, I hope they recover as soon as possible." Ms. Ou’s colleagues say. Currently, the police are further investigating the accident. Who bear responsibility? Car2go: women should bear responsibility for the accident, the first time with Shen car2go made contact customer service, customer service contact the insurance company immediately suggested that she. Subsequently, car2go staff came to the scene to deal with the aftermath. According to the car2go general terms and conditions of China, members shall take full responsibility for any traffic violations or crimes caused by driving car2go vehicles. Members shall bear all costs and expenses incurred in connection with this and shall make full compensation to car2go for any claims filed by third parties. In the insurance company, car2go has insured vehicle compulsory traffic accident liability insurance and commercial insurance, for which相关的主题文章: