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Shanghai wild zoo denied the playful cubs called pat belongs to appease trainee reporter Xiao Xiang yesterday, this newspaper reported the Shanghai wild zoo tiger cubs and tourists zero distance photography is a playful thing, causing widespread concern in society. Reporters once again came to Shanghai wildlife park, the zoo finally responded to the matter. At present, Shanghai wildlife protection and management station has been involved in the survey of young animals in Shanghai wildlife park. The staff of the management station said that after the investigation results came out, they would discuss the treatment plan with wildlife park in the near future. Banter controversy: denied beating, said just to appease Shanghai wild zoo development limited liability company planning development department deputy manager Tao Fengyuan and subordinate staff reporter interviewed ms.. For the cubs taking pictures by tourists banter about Tao Fengyuan think, "banter" this statement not based on objective facts. "Tigers have the habit of climbing and jumping, which is just like the puppy jumping off the bench." But according to eyewitnesses, the cubs are tourists pushing down rather than their own initiative jumped. In this regard, Tao deputy manager said that he did not see the video was pushed down in the process. According to the staff in the process of the photo, has repeatedly beat the cubs head this behavior, Fengyuan Tao explained that this is not beating, but pat is a comfort, remind the small tiger don’t touch. Animal disease epidemic prevention dispute: the possibility is very low reporters at the Shanghai wildlife zoo to see the young animal photo interactive experience area opening is responsible for a staff of two. A tiger in the experience of the region assisted with pictures of tourists, another station at the railings charges. After paying the money, the staff at the entrance opened the door, and the visitors could go in directly, and the photos were also taken out directly. Hold in the cubs before and after the visitors without any vaccination treatment, if there is a certain risk? Tao Fengyuan said, these animal every day after disease prevention treatment, plus the animal itself has certain immunity, zoonotic disease infection among less likely. Ms. Ni side offers an analogy: "you bring home the baby out, met some people think baby want to touch, you never said to him, go to the fire a poison." Protection controversy: artificial rearing, contact with people every day, November 13th camera opening time, reporters outside the door observed nearly 30 minutes. In half an hour, the time taken by each tourist is about two minutes. If the situation is estimated, on the 13 day of this day open 3 hours and 30 minutes, the tiger may have hundreds of tourists to take pictures. Does it affect wildlife when you meet so many tourists every day? In this regard, Tao Fengyuan said that the camera project animals are artificial breeding, every day and human contact. And in a few hours every day, we don’t necessarily use the same animal, depending on the day of the animal’s condition. In the video taken by Mr. Lin Lin, the tiger looks a little listless, and when he closes his eyes, the staff will clap.

上海野生动物园否认戏虐幼虎 称轻拍属于安抚   见习记者 肖 翔   昨日,本报报道了上海野生动物园幼虎与游客零距离拍照被戏虐一事,引发了社会的广泛关注。记者再次来到上海野生动物园,园方终于对此事作出了回应。   目前,上海野生动植物保护管理站已经介入到对上海野生动物园的幼动物合影体验项目的调查。管理站的工作人员表示,调查结果出来后,将在近日与野生动物园共同商讨处理方案。   戏虐争议:   否认拍打,称只是安抚   上海野生动物园发展有限责任公司企划发展部副经理陶锋原与下属工作人员倪女士接受了记者的采访。   对于幼虎拍照被游客戏虐一事,陶锋原觉得,“戏虐”这个说法没有客观事实依据。“老虎是有攀爬跳跃的习性,这就像小狗小猫从板凳上跳下来一样自然。”   但据目击者称,幼虎是被游客推下来而非自己主动跳下来的。对此,陶副经理表示自己在视频中没有看到这个被推下来的过程。   针对工作人员在拍照过程中,曾多次拍打幼虎头部这一行为,陶锋原解释说这并非拍打,而是轻拍,是一种安抚行为,提醒小老虎不要乱动。   防疫争议:   人兽疾病传染可能性很低   记者当日在上海野生动物园看到,幼动物合影互动体验区开放时是由两位工作人员负责。   一位在体验区内辅助幼虎与游客合影,另外一位站在门栏边收费。交钱后,门口的工作人员把门栏一开,游客便可以直接进去,拍完照也是直接出来。在抱幼虎前后,游客都未经过任何防疫处理,这样做是否存在一定风险呢?   陶锋原表示,这些动物每天都是经过疾病防疫处理的,加上动物自身也有一定的免疫力,人兽间疾病传染的可能性较小。   一旁的倪女士打了个比方:“你把家里的小宝宝抱出去玩,碰见有人觉得宝宝可爱想摸一下,你不会对他说,先去消个毒吧。”   保护争议:   人工育幼,每天与人接触   11月13日的拍照开放时间里,记者在门外观察了近30分钟。这半小时里,每位游客的合影时间在两分钟左右。如果按照这种情况估算,在13日这一天开放了3小时30分钟,小老虎可能要和上百名游客合影。每天接触这么多游客,又是否会影响到动物的野性?   对此,陶锋原表示拍照项目的动物都是人工育幼的,每天都会和人类接触。而且在每天开放合影的几个小时里,不一定用的是同一只动物,会根据动物当天的状况来决定。   在游客林先生所拍摄的视频里,小老虎看起来有些无精打采,一闭上眼睛后,工作人员便会拍打它的头部。记者走访当天,也看到工作人员把熟睡中的小白虎拿出来与游客合影。这些似乎是强行把幼虎弄醒的行为,会影响到幼虎的生长习性吗?   “我们动物园老虎的育幼率是很高的,幼虎的成活率非常高。”陶锋原说,合影项目所收的30元,包括园区收费的投喂项目,所有收入都会用于动物保护。而这些收费项目都进行了正规的税务登记,都可以索要发票。相关的主题文章: