Shanghai Hui ball technology challenge was fined 42 funds suspected of lying gun freyja

Shanghai Hui ball technology challenge was fined 42 funds suspected of lying gun Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! China Economic Net Beijing August 31st hearing (Zhang Jie) last weekend, the Commission’s regular press conference, the Commission said the investigation of the ball Technology Hui ball. The Shanghai Stock Exchange said that if the ball technology failed to implement the rectification requirements within the rectification period, eliminate risks, the company’s shares will be implemented ST processing. In August 29th, due to the problems of information disclosure, causing widespread concern in the market of the Hui ball technology (600556.SH) to resume trading in order to limit the opening price. Data show that as of June 30th, a total of 43 funds, institutional products held by Hui ball technology shares, including 42 public funds and the collection of financial products, only 1 brokerages. Public fund holds a total of 48 million 296 thousand shares, accounting for its circulation market value of 12.23%, the market value of up to $760 million. Interestingly, the resumption of second days, Hui ball technology has risen substantially, then these funds will go from here? Hui ball technology love reorganization? Comprehensive information on all aspects, Hui ball technology has been a troubled company, which listed 16 years of enterprise six degree change main business; a number of companies to the reorganization failed; shares over 9 times and then fell to the bottom in the months more than half a year before the actual control of information management company; the plan A shares of major shareholders of the first explosion. In fact, the problem of Hui ball technology, it is difficult to use one or two words to be clear, the reporter noted that, previously, Hui ball technology has been suspended for up to five months, the reason is to promote the company’s major asset restructuring. In January 26, 2016, Hui ball technology issued a suspension notice said, the actual control of Gu Guoping, to be part of the assets and its control of Shanghai Feixun Communication Co. Ltd company restructuring, into the suspension restructuring program. However, only a month later, in March 9th, Hui ball technology also announced that, due to the Shanghai and Fiji trading content, the substantive content of agreement, the termination of the company and Shanghai Feixun reorganization, and is that other companies approached. A similar situation repeatedly staged. March 16th, Hui ball science and technology announced that it is working with Shanghai far Royal reorganization talks. April 26th, Hui ball technology also announced that the reorganization of the termination. In May 4th, Hui said the restructuring of global technology, is pushing Shanghai Feixun overall into the listed company. As related to the approval of state-owned assets, the company continued to suspend the application for 2 months, the latest restructuring plan to disclose the latest to July 5th. But in July 4th, before the deadline day, Hui ball technology before the announcement said, because Gu Guoping held Shanghai Feixun shares were frozen, the company decided to terminate this major asset restructuring. Will be pushed to the point of time in 2014, the year in March, Hui ball technology has been suspended for more than three months, planning a major asset restructuring. At that time, Hui ball technology intends to take the issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds, the purchase of 100% stake in Shanghai feixun. But in July 2, 2014, the company has announced that, because there is no consensus on some matters相关的主题文章: