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Shanghai Changfeng ocean world wonderful Halloween activities first look – Sohu – tourism "ghost" mixed sea Halloween is coming, the little monkeys are ready to go? Shanghai Changfeng ocean world is ready, is now fully convened all kinds of "ghost", "home", waiting for you to make halloween. "Ghost" mixed submarine Halloween in Shanghai Changfeng ocean world, marine organisms have been the first step to begin to feel the atmosphere of the festival. "Ghost" mixed sea highlights: Halloween Halloween face painting style does not pass to a face painting, Halloween atmosphere was improved. We provide free facial makeup for every child in halloween. Selection of safe non-toxic plant pigments, suitable for any skin sensitive children. Of course, also Never mind if ocean come to visit the children of the world are not equipped with enough Wansheng elements, we can provide free plant paint and brush to you display skills to the full parents, for the baby to create a hand of the original Halloween makeup face painting. Activity highlights two: do not give sugar, trick cute cute candy, but the child’s favorite. Just read the magic spell "trick or treat, not sugar." Can get fun candy. Little trick to eat sugar is not afraid of them again. In addition, there are more cute Halloween Pumpkin bucket and canvas bag. A limited number of first come first served. Highlight three: SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob SquarePants’s costume show kids the hearts of the big star. Halloween, he and his friends will be staged a fashion show in Shanghai Changfeng ocean world. SpongeBob SquarePants, who has been used to shirts, ties and shorts, is looking forward to him and his friends Amazing shape, waiting for you to find out. Highlight four: lock your Wizard Hat and magical Wizard Hat around squealing, devils come out small universe, with ring lock it, set to become the masters of it, take it home. Highlight five: decorate Halloween activities show Shanghai Changfeng ocean world modeling has been fully completed Wansheng decoration. Whether the scene sets, or wearing a cloak or wearing a magic hat the enthusiasm of employees, will take you on a wonderful journey of halloween. "Ghost" mixed sea halloween event date: June and July the official website of each ticket for the whole network lowest discount. Address: Shanghai city Putuo District River Road No. 451 (Changfeng Park No. 4 gate) Tel: 4000-988-966:相关的主题文章: