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Shaanxi Secretary of homeland report covering villa built survey said his father that the original title: Shaanxi Xunyang County Land Bureau Li Feng investigation by the Xi’an evening news real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing news (reporter Zhang Song) yesterday, Xunyang county government press office announced to the public the people real name director report to the County Bureau of land and resources Li Feng "covering villa built father, lavish funeral, Gongjusiyong other issues briefing that. After investigation, I found that Li Feng did not use special identity built villas, large operating problems covering lavish funeral, father Gongjusiyong, but for his brother to make arrangements for his father funeral problems stop ineffective, adverse effects, and Li Feng’s father has constituted discipline over the area housing problem, Xunyang County Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to be filed and dealt with. After investigation, 2015, to Li Feng’s father Li Jiali unified demolition housing second grade highway widened in the late transformation process, and will apply to the whole town Zhao Ling Cun fourth group of villagers and village, the original old house (now moved back to their original location of new housing demolition houses) infrastructure to solve the housing problem. After a group of villagers, the village committee, the town government, the land department. In October 30, 2015, Xunyang County People’s Government in the "old village house word (2015) No. 1228" and its member Lee agreed to the original homestead accelerated the demolition of old buildings and building new land 200 square meters. The building materials used for handling the purchase of its individual Li, most of its Li housing funds before the operation of sand field returns. At the beginning of the nuclear group believes that Li Jiali accords with the relevant provisions of movements of the villagers’ construction, but there are super size building problems. The investigation, Lee Lai had two sons and a daughter, the eldest son of Li Feng, the second son of Li Song. In August 28th this year, Li Jiali died at noon on August 31st. According to the separation of the brothers, Lee Li Song is in charge of its pension. Li Feng suggested to his father back home, all the simple funeral. But Li Song would not let Li Feng, his father by his funeral arrangements. Lee had its wide popularity, many people came to offer condolences. Li Feng to the relevant personnel responsible for on-site tube funeral said: "in addition to the two sides, his father and Li Song Gujiao relatives friends, involving himself and not familiar with the gifts will be charged". After verification, the funeral period a total of more than 80 seats do water table (including the scene to help people and family meals), received a total of 333 people gifts 139295 yuan, of which its daughter Lee 10000 yuan, 5000 yuan and Li father-in-law Li Song, father of the partnership Sunaba Lee and other two people 2000 yuan per person, the rest of for both friends and family rituals before the ceremony with Li Gujiao, gold 100 yuan to 1000 yuan. Xunyang County Land Bureau, some cadres that news of the death of Li Feng’s father, to the administration of stock and financial room to ask, Yang Wencheng, chief executive of Feng Guangjun and chief cashier Zhang Qiong and others as a free consultation, by Feng Guangjun and Zhang Qiong is responsible for the collection and registration. Subsequently, Feng Guangjun to the system above the middle level of more than 20 people call to inform Li Feng of his father’s death, received a total of 124 workers land system gifts 59200 yuan. The evening of August 30th, the three together will be sent to the funeral gifts scene, Li Feng was refused, and demanded a full winter相关的主题文章: