September 11th evening heavy impact on the stock market news summary! (attached)-dingxiangwuyuetian

September 11th evening heavy impact on the stock market news summary! (of shares), a securities news [policy] the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection cadres illegal exposure of 6 from the central bank assistant governor Yang Ziqiang punished learned from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website the day before, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection for public exposure of 6 central and state organs and cadres in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, the 6 question is: the Party committee member, assistant governor Yang Ziqiang public funds to pay the fee shall be personally liable for the people’s Bank of China; Emergency Management Department of the State Food and drug administration director Mao Zhenbin original training irregularities during the banquet, the central propaganda department organization; China Intercontinental Press, former president Li Hongjie public funds tourism; Department of Justice Office of the former deputy director of the information center, former director Hu Yiding illegal part-time reward, the illegal use of the bus; Ministry of environmental protection and safety of radiation sources supervision department deputy director Zhao Yongming et al. Public funds to pay the expenses of entertainment; director of the Guangming Daily Office of the Foreign Affairs Office of Xiao Lianbing illegal organization missions abroad to visit tourism issues of public funds in disguise. Liu Shiyu: adhere to the strict supervision of the Shanghai stock exchange in accordance with the law of the seventh General Assembly held in Shanghai on September 10th. Liu Shiyu said, we must firmly grasp the "Five Principles", adhere to the important concept of law, strict and comprehensive supervision, hold the bottom line of systemic risk does not occur, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors in a prominent position, adhere to market-oriented reform, rule of law, international, at any time to the fundamental purpose adhere to the service of the real economy, and resolutely rectify off real to virtual ziyuzile. The new "measures" to curb the restructuring of landing fudge realignment in September 9th, the Commission spokesman Deng Ge said in a regular press conference, to implement the "supervision according to law, strict supervision and comprehensive supervision" concept, to further standardize the reorganization behavior, "on the revision of the" management approach "major asset restructuring of listed companies" day officially released, and shall come into force the date of issue. This is the industry known as the history of the most stringent backdoor new regulations, the restructuring approach after nearly three months of advice, formally issued by the commission. The revision of a major asset restructuring approach, aimed at the shell to cool down, curb false restructuring, flicker restructuring. Poor county IPO enterprises do not line up the national poor county enterprises IPO will apply that the newspaper that the trial, the trial that was issued policy. In September 9th, the Commission published the "Chinese Commission on capital markets play a role in national poverty alleviation service strategy", "opinion" said for the poor areas of enterprise IPO, three new board listed open Easy Access. DCE to start a new period of oil meal varieties swap warehouse Dalian commodity exchange pilot 11 news release, in order to promote the function of oil meal futures market effectively, provide more convenient delivery service to the customer, the DCE recently issued the "notice" on the launch of a new period of oil meal varieties on single pilot positions. The design scheme of the launch of a new soybean meal, soybean oil and palm oil varieties on single pilot swap warehouse costs, increase the information organization of the third party. A new pilot in the base of summarizing the previous experience, to further improve the warehouse number, improve oil and meal varieties of price system, and increase the number of factories on. Shandong introduced 23 new initiatives to promote private investment hill;相关的主题文章: