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Home-and-Family If you are an educational professional and a disaster such as a fire, earthquake or tornado occurs, then your immediate responsibility must be school survival. Even though the risks of such disasters happening are extremely rare you must be educated and know what to do. Accordingly, here are 10 points which will keep your students safe when waiting for help to arrive. Quantities are developed based on a group of thirty children. Be sure to adjust amounts given accordingly to suit your circumstances. You should keep school survival items in bucket with a lid or if available, a camping type toilet. School survival kits should be kept hidden in an area such as a janitor’s closet or teacher’s area. 1. Always ensure that you have an adequate stock of food. It is recommended that you store a minimum of four – 2400 calorie energy bars for each of your students. These should provide every person with enough energy to make it through a classroom lockdown. Be sure to purchase food supplies that have at least a five year shelf life. It is also a good idea to pack sweets which can help the children direct their minds from the current emergency. 2. A sufficient, safe water store is imperative, so ensure that each student has a water pouch in addition to water purification tablets in case the emergency is extended. 3. Be sure to have some type of whistle. Although it is only a very fundamental device, it could actually alert disaster rescue personnel. If your class becomes cut off from the rest of the school, a simple signaling device can get the attention of rescuers who are attempting to locate your classroom. 4. A flashlight and a radio receiver should be included in addition to a blinking light which could be used to alert help. An emergency glow stick is an excellent example. The radio receiver can keep you entertained but most importantly, it can keep you abreast on any news which could facilitate your rescue. 5. It is important that adequate sanitation supplies during this period are accessible. Essential things to stock on-hand include toilet tissue rolls and hygiene provisions. Also, stock plastic bags with chemicals which can eliminate human waste. Ensuring that your environment is disease and bacteria-free is incredibly important. You can see why it is so crucial to have a portable toilet which can also become a plastic storage tub. 6. When considering hygiene supplies, be sure to carry mild soap, wet-naps and several small bottles of hand sanitizer. Several air fresheners will not take up much room in storage and will keep the air more pleasant in restricted quarters. 7. A general first aid kit is a must-have and it will come in handy during a disaster if you buy the most complete kit available. It must be large enough for the entire class. 8. The AM/FM radio was mentioned earlier as an entertainment device but I would recommend including a pack of playing cards for kids. It is much better if everyone stays busy rather than remaining idle worrying about the depressing situation. 9. Make certain that someone is awake at all times to listen for emergency workers who are attempting to find your group or for any other signs, such as the smell of gas for example. 10. As the teacher, school survival depends on your decisions, so remain centered at all times and this posture will calm your classroom. School survival bags are essential to store for use at a moment’s notice. Being equipped as a school administrator or teacher is an important factor if you want to protect the lives of the ones we love the most. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: