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Business What you see A three-storied building that has taken the shape of a mall for books is what you see at Sapna Book House. Earlier it was a two-storied building that was housed in one of the old buildings in Gandhi Nagar. Now you see a new building that could compete with the likes of Crosswords and Landmarks in terms of the look and the design. Maybe even better. What you get This is one of the oldest bookshops in Bangalore. The first floor is dedicated completely to stationery requirements, be it notebooks, pens, files or file holders. This is also where you get bags, educational CDs, music CDs or even VCDs that come in English, Hindi and Kannada. Theres also a huge toy section here. Stuffed toys, board games, educational kits, theme-based gamesall are available. The second floor is set aside for fiction, non-fiction and referral books. These are neatly segregated according to bestsellers, science fiction, gardening, architecture, interior decoration and much more. Theres also an impressive collection of comics like Archie and Amar Chitra Katha and even an Enid Blyton thrown in. Apart from that, if you are looking for a taste in art, they have books on Da Vinci, Renoir, Botticelli and much more. For first-time cooks they have books by Tarla Dalal and other authors on innovative cooking. Books specializing in cuisines from a specific region are available too. And for those who are looking for books in Kannada, you would have to climb one more floor. This floor also houses all text books that Bangalore University prescribes. Books on management, computers, networking, commerce, scienceyou name it and they have it. They also have the usual Question Banks that the students consider a must-buy. Well, back to Kannada literature, they have novellas by famous authors like Sai Sute, Triveni and the like. For more serious reading head to the section which has books by Dr. Shivarama Karanth and Kuvempu (as KV Puttappa is famously known). And for children, you have Dinakkondu Kathe or A story for a day and much more. Our verdict Looking for a variety of books to choose from? Head to Sapna. Hunting for a sensible gift? This is the place to go to. Good toys on your mind? You know where to drive to. The only thing that may irk you here is the maddening crowd. But otherwise the customer service here gets our thumbs up and the parking area is just about adequate. Online shopping facilities are available too. Anytime between 10 AM 8 PM (Closed on Sundays) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: