Safe prevent stocks for arbitrage and stock return

Safe: prevent stocks for arbitrage and the return of A shares of sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money China the State Administration of foreign exchange capital project management Secretary Guo Song said on Thursday, "focus on the return of concept stocks may have a negative impact the China enterprise’s image abroad. I hope to adhere to the principle of real need to prevent arbitrage for the purpose of the so-called concept stocks return. In the foreign exchange administration held a press conference, Guo Song said: the foreign exchange bureau to support reasonable overseas mergers and acquisitions, want to have the ability of qualified enterprises to make overseas acquisitions, large-scale mergers and acquisitions rather than to performance or face "Tunxiang". In the case of stocks set off a wave of return analysis said arbitrage or one of the purposes before this, a number of stocks have returned to the domestic market. Many companies use the backdoor way back, Focus Media backdoor seven holdings, the giant network backdoor, Home Inn, century cruise proposed backdoor BTG Hotel etc.. Other waiting for the latest example of the return of Dangdang, which announced yesterday to complete privatization, delisting from the nyse. According to preliminary statistics, in less than 300 of the shares in the company, in addition to the completion of the return of the 5 stocks, there are also about 30 stocks are still on the way back. In contrast, prior to the return of stocks in the stock, the annual privatization of the stock companies do not exceed 5. In this regard, senior financial commentator Pi Haizhou believes that there are three stocks are keen on the return of A shares of the main reasons: one is the valuation of A shares is much higher than the overseas mature market, it will return to A shares market value of listed companies increased holdings and increase shareholder wealth. Two is the actual controller, an important shareholder and private institutions have chosen to return cash A shares listed. The size of the sale of non maturity can be reduced by block trading, while overseas mature markets have strict provisions on the reduction of shareholders, want to cash out of the A-share market is more difficult than A. Three is the overseas market regulation than the A stock market is tough, once the violation will be subjected to heavy penalties. For the case of the stock market return of regulatory news four Bloomberg quoted on September 1st, informed sources, the Commission guidance requirements in the case of backdoor stock return to the domestic need to ensure that the valuation of the transaction does not exceed the estimated profit of 20 times. Market participants interpret this as a return to the concept of stock in disguised form consent". For these rumors, the Commission responded by saying in a press conference on September 2nd, is on the overseas listing of red chip enterprises through mergers and acquisitions, effects of IPO may cause the return of A shares market in-depth analysis and research, at present the work continues to promote. Prior to the relevant policy clear, the Commission on the return of A shares of the relevant provisions of such enterprises and policies without any changes. In May 10th there was news that the Commission consider limiting shares backdoor return measures, including restrictions on the stock valuation regression according to certain earnings, in addition to consider limiting the annual shares backdoor return to the number of transactions. Informed sources said the reason is to limit the restrictions in order to prevent the concept of domestic listed backdoor listing of a higher premium, or will lead to excessive financing of the stock market financing, affecting the stability of the stock market. May 5th theory相关的主题文章: