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Real-Estate Modern developers sell their projects on the pretext of redefining the lifestyles of the people. Some actually strive to deliver the same. In Greater Faridabad, the newly developed residential and .mercial region in the vicinity of old industrial town of Faridabad, many developers have .e up with their projects of varied types having their own unique selling propositions. However, one name that stands out for its ultimate living experience and quality of construction is that of Puri Constructions. When the region was being developed initially, Puri came up with one of its own kind of project that sought to improve the look and feel of the surroundings in which the people live. This project was their flagship residential project in Sector 82 and 85 by the name of Puri Pranayam. Just as the name is meditative, so is the living experience in the project. Puri Constructions has ensured with its path breaking and, in some ways, trendsetting architectural design of this project, that modern living with a spiritual bonding is the key to living peacefully. Puri Pranayam introduced certain elements for the first time in its projects which were trendsetters and also defined its unique selling proposition. The elaborate sculptures and detailed carvings on marble sets the tone right straightaway from the entry of the project. These majestic looking sculptures not only attract the visitors but also generate flow of positive energy throughout the .plex. Once you are out of your home and moving about in the .plex, you can not help appreciating the beauty of craftsmanship and feel a part of uniqueness that envelops this project. Sculpted figurines are .plemented by elaborate water bodies. Water is symbolic of continuity of life. Pranayam makes good use of water bodies for bringing freshness and beauty to the surroundings. As many as four different water bodies in the project bring life to the whole surroundings and make the whole environment relaxing and rejuvenating. Even those who are hesitant to move into the pools would also be attracted by the wonderful setting. While the swimming pools are present in almost all projects, the ones at Puri Pranayam are unique in their own way for their design, layout and aesthetics. Another trendsetting mark is the extremely thoughtful designing of the interior living spaces which ensures that people have more carpet area to use. Less use of interior walls, better room layouts and practical use of spaces all seem to have been well-considered to design the units. People feel more area inside in this project than in the projects of other developers. Spaciousness and exclusivity are two key .ponents of Puri Projects and this was first experimented with Pranayam very successfully. Puri continuous to build upon the goodwill generated with retention of its landmark design features in other projects as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: