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Private institutions soon shell protection fund qualification wind We want you anchored! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! With the approaching in December, only two fund qualification examination in 2016. Along with the rising fund qualification examination fever ", a" Guakao wind "has gradually entered the public view. In fact, the so-called "anchored" refers to the number of private equity fund management company for registration or Paul shell, looking for people with funds qualifications in the unit "or", and give it some reward. In the industry view, this behavior is undoubtedly to circumvent regulation. In October 26th, the National People’s Congress of the Finance Committee bill office director Zhu Shaoping in twenty-first Century to accept the original Economic Herald reporter said: "strictly speaking, this was a violation of the rules, the fund management company shall hold the qualification of the staff, do not sign a formal contract, not to work, such borrowing qualifications to deal with regulatory and association it is not appropriate." "Guakao" ecological chain for many holders of the fund qualification of the people, the requirement is low, something less "fund qualification affiliation does have a certain appeal. "I think, pay on the one hand, there is a reason for the ICC rules, if not engaged in related work in four years to obtain the qualification of the fund, the fund to get the qualification certificate, the qualification will be canceled, but linked to the fund management company, they can help me get this card." Beijing, a person who has obtained the qualifications of the fund said. Twenty-first Century economic report reporter noted that a website on any search keywords "Q & a community fund, anchored" topic below the answer, almost all the people including a cover, below, the 96 answer, there are 92 main answers are attached to their contact and location, and that has passed the qualification examination for the fund, affiliated". Reporters and a main part of communication, found that most of the per capita received information management’s response, general requirements for sending the legal representative or ordinary executives, and promised to give a certain reward, according to the risk, the cost is not the same. In September this year, even the information management company will be "affiliated person" to pay the annual salary of one hundred thousand. But through the survey, the reporter found that the salary is not so high rumored. Among them, there is a master told reporters, contact his information management company to give compensation, although different, but the annual salary is generally less than six thousand, at least not less than two thousand. Close to six thousand of the general is hanging legal person, from two to three thousand is hanging ordinary executives." The answer to the lord. But "Guakao" does not mean that once and for all, in fact, whether companies or individuals, are facing great risks, so before the affiliation formalities completed, the two sides will sign an agreement in private. Holders of the fund qualification leaves (a pseudonym) told reporters that he published online contact theory相关的主题文章: