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Arts-and-Entertainment Using your subconscious mind is a powerful tool that can help us get to the highest level of our life. God gives us subconscious mind to guide us in everything we do. Believe me your subconscious mind is like your angel that is guiding you and protect you from making mistakes if you dare to use it effectively. So many people have not discovered how to use this subconscious mind in time of trouble, use it and see how it will help you out easily. Moreover, some have developed their subconscious mind to the extent that they can apply it in every area of their lives to solve many problems. I have developed my own subconscious mind and use it to win powerball lottery more than five times. One of my students wrote me a letter on how he used the power of subconscious mind to win lotto recently. I will like to quote him I didnt know how to connect my subconscious mind with lotto results. But, one day I was going along the street with three fingers joined and I was meditating on the next lotto draw. Suddenly, some numbers stated coming to my mind and I quickly pick a sheet of paper and write it. When I got home I couldnt sit down, something in my mind was telling me to go and add those numbers to my number. Under serious impulse I got up and quickly go and buy tickets and played those numbers. I was shocked to hear that I was among those that won the second lotto prize. Only then I understood how the subconscious mind works. The subconscious mind can create timely and supportive coincidences also for you. How to apply Subconscious mind to win lotto Whenever you enter in alpha state of mind to solve a problem or when you are not in alpha state but still think about some lotto numbers. All you have to do is to put together your thumb, index and middle finger from a hand, dont hesitate to write them down whatever comes to your mind because they may be your lucky lotto numbers. When doing this, some people like to close their eyes but you can do it with your eyes opened, but needs lots of concentration. When you begin to meditate your mind will connect fast and begin to communicate with you. Whatever you hear your mind says it is better to follow it. This method had worked for so many lotto students and I believe it can work for you as well. Therefore, winning lotto regularly should be the concerned of every Lotto players. You can win more of your lottery game by reading the content of this wonderful method. This method had helped many people in winning powerball lottery game. Read about this wonderful method here and apply it daily because it will speed your chances of winning. Now, I will like to invite you to claim your free instant access to my free lottery tips on how to win Powerball Lottery regularly or any other Lotto game. This article is from James Jackson an experience lotto player. He is the owner of http://www.powerballjackpot.blogspot.com About the Author: 相关的主题文章: