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The new DELL XPS 13 portable Mowgli gold DELL XPS 13 micro notebook border since its inception has been widely praised, especially the design of the classic micro screen frame, greatly enhance the value of the yen. At the same time, is equipped with seventh generation intelligent Intel Core i7 processor XPS?? 13 has been on sale, and also added a new rose gold color, with anodized aluminum material body, metal texture very temperament. If you are interested in this new XPS 13 gold notebook, may wish to take a look at today’s evaluation article. The hardware configuration of DELL XPS 13 free gold specific hardware configuration, the evaluation of DELL XPS 13 is equipped with seventh generation intelligent Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB?? 256GB SSD, memory, 13.3 inches 1920× HD IPS display, 1080; resolution 620 core graphics, pre installed Windows 10 operating system and genuine Office 2016 family with the student version, the overall performance is very popular. The appearance of the body of the DELL XPS 13 gold notebook is the most obvious change is the addition of rose gold color, keep up with the trend of popular colors, in line with the needs of young consumers. Material, XPS 13 is still the same as the anodized aluminum shell, the surface of sand blasting delicate, touch feel comfortable and not easy to stick fingerprints. From a close range, the DELL XPS 13 gold notebook laptop shell surface texture is more delicate sandblasting, corner area polished in place, touch very comfortable. DELL XPS 13 bogey gold notebook is still using a minimalist design style, only part of the shell to retain a Dell logo. The D design is relatively simple, only the heat inlet hole and nameplate. The nameplate part of the design of DELL XPS 13 is one of the characteristics of the information are all hidden in this reversible metal plate, the design details of the humanized enough. From the side view, the perfect fusion of composite material shell part and a screen frame, there is no gap, to ensure the smooth transition of fingers, touch feeling good, but also directly reflects the DELL high level design process. Screen part of the DELL XPS 13 gold notebook is still using the classic narrow frame design, the left and right sides of the border is only 5.2mm, with a higher value of three. At the same time, the machine is equipped with a 13.3 inches 1920× IPS display with a resolution of 1080, the screen for the fog surface material, the overall effect is better. In addition, the machine can also be equipped with 3200 x 1800 ultra high resolution touch screen, the display will be more outstanding. XPS 13 camera is located in the bottom left corner of the screen, this particular design also gives users a different experience. Control handle DELL XPS 13 is equipped with a chocolate keyboard, with a keyboard backlight, support for the two brightness adjustment, can be used in a variety of environments. Keyboard keys remain.相关的主题文章: