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Pok mon Go Plus started playing Sohu technology advertising after a brief bounce, with the elf treasure to be dream Go game peripheral Poké mon Go Plus bracelet; finally released. This gadget can let the treasure in the game player can dream took out a mobile phone case capture the elf, or supplementary items such as Poke Ball. Poké mon Go Plus is not out of stock, I see in the store inventory is adequate, those on eBay fare sold can wash sleep, I once bought two. After a period of trial, I think this bracelet can restore a little bit of passion for the game itself, at least for a while. The gameplay is very natural, easy to match (it uses low-power Bluetooth), directly connected to the game, just open the latest version of the treasure can dream Go, click on the menu settings, you can see the Poké mon Go Plus options, then click on it and press the button on the solid bracelet can be completed pairing. In my opinion, the hardest setting is not the software, but the bracelet itself. Poké mon Go Plus has two types of bracelet and clip to choose from, but the default is the clip. So if you want to use it as a bracelet, it must be a screwdriver (screwdriver to prepare their own). The device itself uses a button battery power supply, so when it is not necessary to remove the replacement, but the use of time should be quite long. Although it is troublesome to install, but the benefits of screw is to not worry about falling off of the risk as some bracelets, There are both advantages and disadvantages. Bracelet wearing feeling is comfortable, vibration is also very clear, will not miss the Poké Stop and elf. The only entity keys have a few colors to show the state: blue is Poké Stop, green is a collection of elves, yellow is a new elf. When the light flashes, you just press the button to confirm the action, whether it is to collect supplies or to capture the elves do not need to intervene in the phone, completely automatic. In the capture of the elf, it will consume a wizard ball, continuous flashing white light is being captured, if the lights become color, it has been successfully captured; if the elf escape will show the red light. It is important to note that now with the Poké mon Go Plus; and the elf is only one chance, either catch or escape, not like the mobile phone that can throw the ball or pet from Poke Ball repeatedly broke out of the situation. With Poké mon Go Plus after these operations, the phone will appear to push the information to tell you the results, such as access to the number of ELF ball, which caught the elves, etc.. Overall, this is convenient for those who do not want to take out the phone to play treasure.相关的主题文章: