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Business Project management has arrived and is here to stay. A single look at the projects today is enough to conclude the big change projects have undergone. When we .pare projects fifteen or twenty years back the ways projects were handled has dramatically changed and for good. The old and conventional way to handle projects involved a project manager who was more of a boss which enjoyed all the powers and hardly involved team participation. This traditional working has changed with due importance given to the ream which not only works but also participates in making decisions as well. The role of a team in a project has emerged paramount as they play are important players who are now required to participate actively. Running projects and taking it to the finish line is very crucial with the burden on the project leader. And with this steps in the role of Project Management leading the way to execute projects towards .pletion. The change over from traditional to accepting the project management does not .e easy. Where the managers are habitual in giving out orders and taking the key decisions, project management is a .plete transformation. In the new scenario every team member is a key player requiring them to give their ideas and views and also form a part of the decision making. .anizations under the changing scenarios have to adapt to the new culture of project management and their way of thinking by a progressive, proactive project management style – Project Power. With the changing culture the project managers also will have to change their approach and for them PMP certification is the stepping stones for creating the right impact on the projects. A good leader is one who leads but not dictates. In the new .anizational culture project leaders take their team along leading all the way. A project manager with a PMP certification not only adds to their skills but also helps instills them with good leadership qualities. As acquiring PMP certification is not an easy job, AstroWix is a name to reckon with for quality PMP certification preparation. For PMP certification India, AstroWix with its rigorous trainings, testing and preparation helps individuals with their PMP certification preparation. Individuals who pass this certification find the Project Management skills effective to execute projects right on time and within budget. Moreover, it helps project professionals for bridging the gap between project success and project failure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: