Our ten years the ultimate notice Zhao Liying forget the heart yuanmu

"Our ten years" ultimate notice Zhao Liying did not forget the early heart Sina entertainment news by Ma Weihao as general director, director Liu [micro-blog], Zhao Liying [micro-blog], Qiao Renliang [micro-blog], Wu Yingjie [micro-blog], Ban Jiajia [micro-blog] starring, Fan Yichen, Feng Mingchao starring movie "our ten youthful nostalgia" in September 2nd blockbuster release. Today, the film released the final notice and posters, all the creative path of different career development, old feelings remain close together. Ten years before and after the change of creative youth. The smile is still the ultimate notice and poster exposure together revealed the six leading ten year growth changes from the simple pleasure of the students to the mature service, do not change the face of youth. In the film ten years ago, Zhao Liying was one of the three hot kettle hair tomboy, ten years after her long hair has become well groomed, take charge as chief of the career woman; ten years ago Qiao Renliang was a handsome man of God and nature, ten years after he look at pictures with deep feeling, become stable and calm; ten years ago Wu Yingjie is clever "Piano goddess", ten years later, she is still gentle, slightly curved mouth filling sweet small gesture of a woman; ten years ago Ban Jiajia is close to the number in the singing contest dream girl, ten years after her beautiful makeup shows a confident smile impressive star aura; ten years ago Fan Yichen riding a motorcycle run business, ten years after he dressed up in suits, behavior showing business elite wisdom; ten years ago, Feng Mingchao is on the pitch motion metrosexual man energetic, ten years after he Wearing a casual suit, two rich generation trendsetter still comfortable. Ten years of change, a sigh at the same time, also make people happy to see their youth still emotional, free spirited. And the trailer is a reflection of their ten years of deep friendship. Everyone toward your goals into the community they see different people and do different jobs, but this bunch of good bestie good buddy feelings did not change, they will enthusiastically embrace, share their happiness and troubles, precious friendship people envy. The protagonist’s diverse life also reflects the different development track of the general public, triggering the audience’s own memories of their own experience. Whether it is ten years ago, or after ten years, as long as you do not forget the beginning of the heart full of dreams, as long as the side of the friends have been hand in hand, we are still young. Don’t forget our "ten years" with your heart "film growth story of our ten years" tells the story of three men and three women ten years back at the beginning of perishable memory, creative are typical mentality of triggered a strong response from the audience. From the campus, cast into the hearts of the dream along the way, people live a peaceful life with people on Home Furnishing, who eventually became a shining star, business elite, however, even after the polish time, creative people still remember the beginning of the heart, the friend still feeling very deep. Witness a great moment in the life of each other. Time rush, perishable, those memories of youth is forever engraved in the depths of the mind, ten years of creative life experience is different, but the life of ordinary people and every kind of familiar picture reminds agree without prior without previous consultation, a large number of youth back to the audience.相关的主题文章: