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Online shopping sick doctors are hard to determine the authenticity of the court: Enterprise Fire – Sohu news trainee reporter Pan Wen Zhang Li Xie Ceng recently published in the morning, a "University" "porcelain doll ‘online shopping sick" the escape military reports, although the sick are prohibited from selling online, but the reporter through the network search, still in Taobao, chat tools platform which cost 380 yuan, 150 yuan to buy two sick. Sick of the reporter to buy, a medical staff with the naked eye is difficult to distinguish between true and false. However, the industry to remind the public that online shopping sick involves personal credit problems, once found will affect their work, The loss outweighs the gain. special keywords to search to the reporter in the two days before the client input "Taobao keyword sick" of the same type, showing in front of all is in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and policies can not be displayed. "But if" errands "or" errands service "as the search terms many of the shops will run on behalf of all kinds of services coming up, and carefully read some information, ready to accept either course began to appear. Reporters opened a shop called Shanghai service, the consultation has not yet started, the chat box will automatically jump out because of the particularity of the content of the service, there is a need to add chat tool tips. When a reporter to the identity of the buyer to consult, after knowing the purchase requirements, Shanghai service, the staff do not say much, just ask reporters to add chat tools private chat. "How long will it take? Disease by?" Contact with reporters errands service personnel claiming Zhao, in the face of the reporter’s request, the word does not say more directly asked sick leave need information. Zhao told reporters that he can only open sick leave homes, nine homes and red house". But reporters found browsing the Taobao page, several other main errands services sellers seem to belong to different shops can be found, click into the page information, left contact are small Zhao, which several errands shops provide a range of services can be "covered" by other scope. That sick leave you want in addition to six, nine hospital and other hospitals in the red house reporter, Zhao says, as long as the hospital sick leave them open. Buyers only need to provide the name, sex, birth date, disease and how long can open. In the consultation process, Xiao Zhao said, buyers want to use any reason to leave a sick note, she can help get, but the requirement is that the disease and leave cycle to be consistent, not too fake." It is understood that Xiao Zhao side only need to send the basic information through the chat tool in the past, and then directly on Taobao orders, the price changes can be made by the seller. Such as Taobao will be photographed after the goods, the seller will be sent by courier to send sick leave, you bought this morning, afternoon delivery, second days can be." Xiao Zhao said. Reporters also learned that a general 1-7 days of sick leave charges 380 yuan, if you need to register a single and medical records, plus an additional $100. Chat group: there are hundreds of thousands of sick leave in addition to Taobao, chat tools are also selling sick leave, in the search bar to enter the "open" two words, will appear on behalf of each"相关的主题文章: