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Reference-and-Education Find out how to make sure youre ready for online continuing education. Learn how to choose the best online school for your needs. Never before has it been so easy to pursue the task of continuing education and improving your skills. The trends online for continuing education are to make it easier than ever before to get your degree regardless of the type of degree youre after. Everything from a certificate of .pletion to .pleting your doctorateyou can find a way to do it online. Home schooling isnt just for the kids anymore. The Internet is the key to helping you to further your education and acquire the skills that will help you further your career all from the .fort of home. Yes, it all sound great, but there are some pitfalls to continuing education online. First off as you pursue continuing education and home schooling, make sure the university or .pany offering the course or the degree is a reputable and accredited school. This can make a world of difference for potential employers and in the quality of your learning. Not all continuing education online providers are reputable. Check references and accreditations carefully. If youre pursuing the degree and your current employer will foot the bill, make sure the online university you choose is one approved by your .pany. The school should be accredited by one of six regional agencies. If you dont find one of these agencies listed, check with the U.S. Department of Education to see if the accrediting agency is real and acceptably recognized. If not, its probably better to make a different choice of schools for your continuing education needs. Secondly, make sure youre ready for online continuing education. Learning online is different from traditional classroom style learning. For example, the phrase, learn at your own pace, sounds great, but it could mean disaster if youre not disciplined and tend to procrastinate. You must be able to self-direct and motivate yourself to .plete the assigned tasks in a reasonable time frame. Theres no teacher or class meeting creating the deadlines for you. The costs for continuing education online can vary anywhere from $30.00 per class to as much as $1000.00 per class. You may be able to get financial assistance if youre taking online classes to meet college degree requirements. Again, the school must have the proper accreditations in order to be able to offer financial assistance processing. Several schools and universities have provided distance learning for several years. The longer the school has provided distance education, the more likely your chances of having a good experience with online learning. Online learning is a very popular way to .plete your degree and to get the continuing education credits you need to maintain licensure for many professions. For the busy adult its a great choice for education. 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