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Obviously every day during pregnancy, but also why leg cramps? Sohu maternal and child in Nanjing, Ms. Qin is very confused, she was born in a month, but at night when sleeping or leg cramps often appear phenomenon. Go to the hospital for a check, the doctor said this is caused by calcium deficiency, Ms. Qin depressed: he obviously drink milk every morning, he cannot do without shrimp and bean products, how can a calcium deficiency? The doctor explained that this situation is very common, many mothers will encounter this problem, have the attention of calcium from the diet, or the result of calcium deficiency, which may be caused by a lack of vitamin D. Why, a lack of vitamin D can lead to calcium deficiency? Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamins, it and calcium, phosphorus, a common role in the healthy bones and teeth, prevention of osteoporosis has an important role. Lack of vitamin D will affect the absorption of calcium, so if pregnant mothers only calcium, vitamin D can not keep up, can not make up the calcium absorbed by the body, or natural calcium. Two, how to add vitamin D? Pregnant mother lack of vitamin D, then the baby’s teeth, bone growth will be affected, in the early pregnancy, about 13-27 weeks, pregnant mothers can pay attention to vitamin D supplement. Sun exposure. Vitamin D also known as the sunshine vitamin, as long as the skin moderate exposure to sunlight is generally not a lack of, but many women daily very attention to the sun, especially in summer almost do not accept the light, so after the summer there will be a lack of vitamin D, after the fall into the sun is not so sinister, pregnant mothers can moderate the sun vitamin D supplements. In addition, you can eat foods rich in vitamin D supplement. The high content of vitamin D in animal liver, egg yolk, fish and other animal foods, vegetables and fruits rarely contain vitamin D, but letinous edodes is also very rich in vitamin D, spinach also contains 8 times more iron, soybean milk powder, 3 times more than the zinc, pregnant mother who wish in the nutritionist’s advice, diet appropriate to add some letinous edodes. Doodle doctor to provide quality health care services for online pregnancy family, pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum open equipment, 0~3 years old baby related health open class, can also turn a key three doctor telephone, let pregnant and parenting more simple. Welcome to add group 490752568, and more treasure mom exchange相关的主题文章: