Obama started handing over but still didn’t think Trump was fit to be president ca4111

Obama began to make the right but still do not think Trump for second days after the election of the president of the United States, "the worst president Obama invited" not qualified to be president Trump to the White House to begin the transfer of power. Obama and Trump had never met but as enmity. In Obama’s first term, Trump began to win more attention in American politics, one important reason is the birthplace of Obama he continued speculation, questioned whether Obama was born in the United States, is not qualified to be president. Obama with Trump "clown barking call". But under the pressure of public opinion is so big boost Trump, Obama had to release a birth certificate to quell controversy. Trump wanted to be president of the idea, Obama had a formal dinner in the general public to laugh at the broad court, billionaire was sitting in the audience under the stage of the. In this year’s full of the ugly American election, Obama and Trump two human hostility is particularly prominent. Help Hilary canvassing, Obama Trump repeatedly stressed that the "special inadequate" when the president said, and would rather jump into the sea is not willing to become his successor Trump. Obama in an interview with the radio had joked that if voters do not support Hilary, the last two months of his presidency will be handed over to the power of Trump, he would rather jump boat is not willing to do so". Trump attacked Obama as "the worst president in the history of the United States," and once he comes to power, he will do everything that Mr Obama has done. Obama responded by saying, "at least I was president." "It’s hard to imagine." The US director of national intelligence before John · Negroponte China Youth Daily · youth online reporter said, "the history of the United States may not have been the case, was elected president and the President alone had never met." Obama and Trump’s 10 – to 15 minute meeting lasted about 90 minutes. After the meeting, when he met with the media, said Obama, and was elected president of the dialogue "great", topics related to the next president, the team established domestic and foreign affairs etc.. Obama stressed that his future first two months to a smooth transfer of government. Different from before the election, Obama then readily said he will do its utmost to help the success of Trump, "because Trump is successful, the United States will succeed". White House spokesman Ernest also said, Obama and the two people of the 90 minutes of the content of the value of the meeting of the". The president of the United States has no right to choose his successor, is the people of the United States to choose the successor of Obama, the president promised to work with the people of the United States elected anyone. Trump may not have been back from the election. These days, he is much quieter than the election. "New York Times" analysis, said Trump may be scared of victory. When he first visited the White House for the next 4 or more years of his new home, Mr Trump seemed to be a little confused about the job he was about to begin. In a White House press corps members Trump and Obama will meet the media said, Trump speech at the meeting to the end is some confusion, but also revealed in the discourse of irritability, "he seems to be 90 electric相关的主题文章: