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No matter how hard it is, you should take your child again! Maternal parenting children – Sohu experience, like wine, slightly bitter, but more love. If you can find a lot of help for our children, their only occasional cameo, then, is this cup of wine is diluted with water, although still can taste a little alcohol, but it is not completely the same. I once heard a young father complained: "I think I really is too early to give birth to the child, now life thoroughly luantao, there is no freedom at all. At home, watching TV, the Internet should also be parents and wife complained, said I did not accompany the child; go out to eat a meal, the children jumping up and down, my food sent to the mouth; the film can not see, can’t go to travel, the weekend than work tired, what is life? Fortunately, most of the time I was on a business trip, they can not kill me? Again, the children do not want me, I hold, he cried to find a grandmother." This is based on many years of colleagues, coupled with his wife and we basically did not intersect, he dared to say the truth. Listen to these words, I do not have children. At that time, I think, probably because some people are naturally like children, and my colleagues such people are born to hate children. It was not until many years later that I had experienced the pain and happiness of having two children to understand the reason for this. Parents will not love their children, with the nature of the basic irrelevant, tiger poison does not eat son, how can there be a natural feeling of children who do not? Just need a method, can let the father feel a 180 degree reversal: from the birth of a child, let Grandpa and grandma, grandma, Grandpa, Yuesao, nanny all sidelined, who all don’t interfere, neonatal solely to him and his wife. This let people be safe "bloodsuckers" has a way of winning parents endless love, this is almost the human infant survival principle. With love, all the pay is no longer suffering. He will become the most understanding of the child, and the child will be the most dependent on him, with this understanding, he will feel the greatest happiness and pride. The bitterness of the young father, the original can also be a happy father. Love is really instinct before giving birth to a child, I have read countless praise love great poetry, heard countless mothers for their children how to offer deeds, even in nature, are often able to hear my story of nursing mother. I think love is born, is probably in the birth of a child of the moment, will suddenly motherly flooding, new life to try our best to protect the weak, a fragile woman will immediately upgrade into the great mother. In October, I always look forward to this historic "upgrade". But this is not the case. When I heard the first cry, the doctor put the wet and sticky baby close to my cheek: "to kiss with my mother." I instinctively hide back, the wrinkled, dirty stuff is my child? How can I not feel the thrill of the mind? Even if he came out of my stomach, I didn’t stand相关的主题文章: