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Business July 9, 10, and 11 marked a huge first in the history of Network Marketing. A three-day event that is truly momentous was held at the Venetian, Las Vegas and was well-attended by plenty of soon-to-be billionaires. This highly successful event is none other than No Excuses Summit. It was the first time top network marketers joined forces to share with everyone not only the industry secrets but also what they have done right to have reached the top of the pyramid. To those of you who missed it, you missed an opportunity to be in one room with the successful top earners of the business and rub elbows with them. It is indeed a remarkable and inspiring experience to hear firsthand their journey to success. Not only was the venue jampacked with an estimated 900 participants, the whole experience per se was jampacked with revelations, secrets, and tips on how to reach one’s success in network marketing. Allow me to provide you some details on what you have missed through this No Excuses Summit Review. The three-day event gathered the top 15 network marketers namely, Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, MC Jimmy Davis, Todd Falcone, Ferny Ceballos, Raymond Fong, Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, Katie Freiling, Cedrick Harris, Tim Erway, Jeff Learner, Jairek Robbins, Adam Holland, Joe O’Day, Jim Yaghi, David Schwind, and Justin Christianson. This group of certified billionaires gave lectures on a variety of ways and information one would need to know and digest to get his business in the move and lead it to the right direction. The event included notes on how to create a full online system which could make you generate leads in a faster, much easier way for your business even while you are sleeping, and how to make that online system more hardworking. The secrets to driving more traffic to your business were also shared during the event. The lectures also include notes on how to discover and keep a potential prospect and ensure that he is fit to join your business. Those who attended were also taught how to be.e the one being chased after by their business leads and not the other way around. There were lectures on how to build one’s credibility, how to be.e invaluable and indispensable to your downlines, and how to earn the trust of your potential business partners. No Excuses Summit may probably have aimed, indirectly, to change the lives of the attendees forever. After being present during the event, getting to sit down and have the secrets of being a top earner revealed one by one, who would not feel the impact and be moved? Who would not reach cloud nine and be highly perked up and motivated to work on your own business? Everything was laid down. The responses and feedback was downright overwhelming. I would not be surprised if 100% of those who went experienced a paradigm shift and are now on their way to reaching their own success. That, to me, is priceless. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: