No eleven travel photography travel guide to purchase equipment

Travel travel photography equipment no eleven for purchase the good friends online eleven holiday again, as the last year before the holiday, with favorable weather, many people are planning to go traveling. Since the trip, and that is not the only photo. That shoot, it is natural to shoot a good point. To shoot a good natural camera. Today, we recommend some of the major camera brand is worth buying camera. SONY A6300 SONY A6300 A6000 SONY APS-C format as subsequent models, micro single new flagship, the new 24 million 200 thousand pixel APS-C format CMOS and BIONZ X image processor, a successor to the 4D A6000 autofocus system, and its evolution again, A6300 has a 425 point autofocus system (425 hybrid the phase of focus, 169), on the contrast focus focus speed reached a staggering 0.05 seconds, as the world’s fastest. The continuous shooting speed of up to 11 seconds zhang. SONY A6300 minimum ISO sensitivity is 100, up to a maximum of 25600 (expandable to 51200). SONY A6300 in appearance, A6300 basically maintained the design of the A6000, but the top of the big 4K words reveal its difference with the A6000. A6300 new 4K video recording function, resolution of QFHD:3840×2160, video recording using XAVC S format. Can the high bit rate record high quality images (4K recording, the highest is 100Mbps, frame 30p). SONY A6300 in addition, A6300 is equipped with a 2 million 350 thousand pixel electronic viewfinder, LCD screen is 921 thousand pixels of 3 inch flip screen. Life, A6300 has been enhanced, LCD can shoot 400, the viewfinder viewfinder can shoot 320. Editor’s point of view: after a lapse of 2 years, SONY APS-C specifications of the micro single flagship finally updated. A6300 in all aspects of ascension is real, many indicators have exceeded the SONY A7 series, reached the world’s first level. If you do not pursue full frame, A6300 is basically you can buy the best micro single. Product type: SONY A6300 (16-50mm Lens Kit) reference price: 7399 yuan PENTAX K-70 Pentax K-70 is an entry-level digital SLR camera. Equipped with a 24 million 240 thousand pixel APS-C size CMOS, the low-pass filter design. The fuselage design is strong, has the anti dropping dustproof structure design, the -10 C + + temperature movement assurance cold resistant performance. PENTAX K-70 is also the first to support complex auto focus in live view mode models. The Pentax K-70 PENTAX K-70 anti shake device equipped with fuselage built-in SR pixel offset resolution and low pass filter simulator system. Using the "SAFOX X" auto focus system, meta相关的主题文章: