Nissan was four months after the acquisition of MITSUBISHI car and then exposed the fuel valve pullip

Nissan is four months after the acquisition of MITSUBISHI and then exposed the "fuel" the Japanese Ministry of land, and then exposed to MITSUBISHI 8 models of fuel consumption data fraud, MITSUBISHI automobile helpless pause 12 models listed, this year sales will hit Waterloo". According to the day before the foreign media reports, MITSUBISHI once again traced the fuel consumption detection of violations, including Pajero (cf. distribution, pictures, inquiry), 8 models involved, involving data tampering with the fuel consumption of vehicles more than 625 thousand. Prior to this, MITSUBISHI on the issue of fuel consumption due to fraud and bogged down in sales quagmire, this time the scandal is tantamount to make MITSUBISHI worse. The Japanese transport ministry announced the results of an investigation of the matter in August 30th, pointed out that MITSUBISHI Pajero lied about Ou Lande and RVR models, fuel consumption data SUV. News came out, MITSUBISHI shares fell 30 in early trading on the morning of 0.8%. The Japanese Ministry of land, a department spokesman said, "after testing found that MITSUBISHI propaganda data, the fuel economy of eight models up to 8.8% lower, the average value is less than 4.2%, and pursuant to the requirements of MITSUBISHI automobile to provide the correct data, and if there is a big difference between the Japanese Ministry of land, and the survey results MITSUBISHI propaganda data, the car prices or consider eight models for the owners to provide compensation. According to the current survey report shows that MITSUBISHI has changed the behavior of the modified fuel efficiency data has continued for 25 years, and the fraud system, a large range, and the trend of increasing. When the media asked, why the Japanese government never noticed MITSUBISHI so long time of fraud, the Japanese Ministry of land, the personnel responsible for this explanation is not possible, "there is no oversight inspection. It is very difficult to start from the inspection of parts and components, to some extent, can only rely on the manufacturer’s credit". In Japan, the Institute of traffic safety and environmental research on the vehicle fuel consumption data in the laboratory, through the simulation of the actual driving conditions, the relevant numerical value – the difference in resistance to fuel consumption. This time, MITSUBISHI is the difference in resistance to tampering. It is said that after tampering, burn data looks very good, but the actual fuel consumption may be worse than the data show 5~10%. Some analysts believe that such fraud in Japan may face huge fines. Not only that, MITSUBISHI provides the correct fuel consumption data, MITSUBISHI will suspend the listing of 12 models. The revised data process will take two to three weeks, which means that MITSUBISHI’s overall production and sales in the near future will be hit hard. Early in April this year, the Mitsubishi Motor Co will admit that there are 4 models in the consumption test fraud, this announcement led directly to the MITSUBISHI automobile production declined, the decline in sales, the "fuel" that MITSUBISHI, a serious decline in domestic production, dropped 25.3% to 41397 units. In terms of sales last month, including mini car, MITSUBISHI in the domestic market sold 6364 new cars, plunged 34.7%, fourth consecutive months of decline, with the fuel fraud incident is gradually warming up, the decline continues to expand. For the first time in a month after the leaked fuel fraud, Nissan to 237 billion 400 million yen ($2 billion 200 million) acquisition of MITSUBISHI 34%.相关的主题文章: