New energy vehicles subsidy policy for do not forget the fair competition review expert tips

New energy vehicles subsidy policy for   do not forget the fair competition review expert tips – energy – Treasury officials, for new energy vehicles subsidy policy will be adjusted, the adjustment direction is to promote technological innovation transformation from gsp. In addition to the subsidy policy, in addition to two new regulations relating to new energy vehicles also comments, one is the national development and Reform Commission "new energy automobile carbon quota management measures", the other is the Ministry’s "new energy automobile production enterprises and products access management regulations (Amendment)". Above the new energy vehicles industry support policies and regulatory policies, should be in accordance with the requirements of the State Council to carry out fair competition review." Dongbei University of Finance and Economics professor Yu Zuo accept the Legal Daily reporters special tips. In the left, said the State Council requirements, refers to the establishment of a fair competition in the market system, the views of the review system, in June this year, just released. Asking for advice, since July this year, industrial policy, regulation of the ministries and other economic policies are subject to fair competition review, has been contrary to fair competition policy must be cleared up. Professor left a special reminder of this, first, because the State Council has just been made, on the other hand, because of the negative effects of the previous subsidy policy has emerged. Subsidy intensity is 9 times the United States, California, led by the Ministry of finance, an inspection report shows that from 2013 to 2015, the central government allocated a total subsidy, incentive funds of $28 billion 444 million. Local financial assistance funds from 2013 to 2015 totaled about 20000000000 yuan. Central and local subsidies totaling 48 billion 444 million yuan. Automotive industry association data show that from 2013 to 2015, China’s total subsidy of 421 thousand and 350 new energy vehicles. According to these two data, in the left were calculated: China’s average of 115 thousand yuan per vehicle subsidy of new energy vehicles, equivalent to $18 thousand and 600 (from 2013 to 2015 the average exchange rate of 6.188). California, United States, from March 2010 to June 2016 for 153 thousand new energy vehicles tax rebates totaling $326 million, an average of $2 thousand and 100 per new energy vehicle rebates. It can be seen that China’s subsidies for new energy vehicles is 9 times the United States, the amount of subsidy is too high." Left to say. The negative effect began to show high price subsidies to promote the development of new energy vehicles. China’s new energy automotive industry from scratch, and gradually grow and develop, production and sales of less than 500 vehicles from 2009 to 2015 reached a total of 350 thousand. Since 2016, continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth. At the same time, the high subsidies also prompted the automotive companies to pursue the interests of maximizing the shortcut". Earlier this year, media reports of individual companies to defraud financial subsidies. In accordance with the unified deployment of the State Council, the Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the relevant departments, to carry out a special inspection, verification and a series of actions. The current inspection and verification results have been submitted to the state council. Fraud will be punished by the appropriate punishment." Song Qiuling, deputy director of the Ministry of economic development of the Ministry of finance, August相关的主题文章: