NetEase Ding Lei Ding pig is listed the number of about 20 thousand ca1871

NetEase Ding Lei: Ding pig to be listed about 20 thousand the number [TechWeb] reported on September 30th news, NetEase Ding Lei back to electronic science to reveal a large celebration activities, currently only supply in the NetEase internal canteen Ding pig, will soon be listed, the number of about 20 thousand. NetEase Ding Lei: 20 thousand "small pigs" will be listed according to the "West China Metropolis Daily" reported that in September 29th, Ding Lei returned to his alma mater, in Electronic Science 60 anniversary activities, he said, soon, 20 thousand head Ding pig will bring a green label on the delicious Chinese table. In 2009, Ding Lei announced that the NetEase raising plan, explore a new model, known as the "eat as long as the Internet to the pork, you can see the whole process of pig, pig welfare, both to ensure the enterprise profit, also provide a safe, good, healthy and delicious pork. After the investigation of 48 places in Zhejiang, he chose the source of Anji County village. In recent years, raising plan halfway rumors frequently circulated on the Internet, but continue to be broken ". Ding Lei said, at present "small pigs" in the company’s internal canteen to eat. Last December, the World Conference of the Internet opportunity, Ding Lei even took the Ding pig in Wuzhen "dinner" Ma Huateng, Zhang Lei, Zhang Zhaoyang and other technology heavyweights. "At present, China consumes 500 million pigs per year, but the pig is in a bad state." Ding Lei said, compared to the market in 5 months of slaughter "instant pig", but Ding pig to raise 10 months, farming also tall, not only a camera, eating pig’s physical condition, even the smell of urine, are available through remote monitoring sensor. (Zhang Yi)相关的主题文章: