Net platform in March 31st next year on the line or central bank

Net platform to be launched in March 31st next year the central bank or the shares of Wang Qing according to media reports, much industry attention network platform (hereinafter referred to as the "network"), will be in accordance with the new project launched, the platform is expected to be launched in March 31st next year. It is worth noting that, due to the "net" must remain neutral and resource sharing principle, had once transferred to the construction of leading network of Alipay and caifutong, or will be relegated to a subordinate position, will be replaced by the central bank led and shares. According to the new program, the parties to build a shared, any one of the third party payment institutions will not exceed the maximum amount of shares into the shares of 10%. While the size of share, and will participate in the construction of the "linked to the extent of wanglian". The end of March next year on the line with the rapid rise of China’s e-commerce, mobile payment business scale development. At the same time, the discourse power of the third party payment companies is increasing day by day, playing an increasingly important role in the process of currency circulation. Under this background, the introduction of "Networking" has become an inevitable trend. "Network" is also known as the Internet version of UnionPay online payment unified clearing platform, i.e.. A simple understanding is that one end of the payment system is connected to hold the Internet payment license, the other end of the docking banking system. In the unified platform of technical standards and business rules, the third party online payment institutions and banks are no longer negotiating contracts, only need to access the network to. The central bank led the establishment of the reasons, mainly in order to see the flow of funds to pay the third party to prevent gambling, drug trafficking, money laundering and other illegal and criminal activities. In April this year, Chinese payments clearing Association Second Congress has been formally established through "Networking" motion. It is envisaged when released, "net" construction plan by Alipay and caifutong leading. However, due to the difficulty of uniform standards, system construction and other factors opaque, the program was eventually rejected. Then, the implementation of the new program, it means that Alipay and caifutong will be out? In this regard, Analysys analyst Wang Pengbo said in an interview "pay China business" interview with reporters, the fact that WeChat and Alipay not out, just mention the original version of "three center" program (in Hangzhou and Shenzhen respectively to build a processing center, by Alipay and the Tencent building and hosting) is denied. Then the main look at the two companies come up with what attitude to deal with the new program, of course, does not rule out the possibility of the two companies to fight for the liquidation of the license." Wang Pengbo told reporters. This view, Alipay and caifutong did not respond. According to the new financial reports, the new scheme fully embodies the "build, total and sharing" principle, "by all parties involved in the joint venture platform independent construction, ensure uniform technical standards and business rules from the first, to ensure that the technical standard is" Networking "own. The platform is scheduled to be launched in March 31st next year, Payment institutions will be in accordance with the relevant technical standards threshold access. "The new program compared with the old scheme, the biggest bright spot is the" net "as a payment mechanism.相关的主题文章: