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Nepal there is a "burn corpse Temple" – Sohu [] this may lead tourism is the most Chinese "story" travel public no.. Welcome to pay attention to the travel writer Liu Xiaoshun after 80 (Liu small Shun public number: lxslvxing), along with small Shun travel will continue to provide the most unique global travel story! "Past tense" – season second – [17, Nepal there is a "burn corpse Temple"] in September 5, 2011, LV and I went to India consulate to fill in a visa application form, the process is very simple, pay cost of 200 rupees, fill out the form, paste photos, additional copy of passport, OK. Plus queuing time, less than two hours to get. Although I and LV than Dylan and Xue sister submitted two days late, but take the time to sign only a day later, we take them on Thursday, Friday, so we can together at the weekend to go to the next destination — Pokhara. We come from the Consulate General of India, just on the roadside to eat meal less but still cheaper beyond imagination for lunch, and then went to Kathmandu is located in the north-east of the temple of Paz Patti Na — the legend of "burning corpse Temple", this is our focus today. Because of the Hindus in India generally believe that the circle of life, after the death of all in the Holy River and then cremated ashes into the river, with the water to pass through, and Patina Temple of the Baghmati river is the sacred river of Ganges RIver, Nepal, India, similar to the status of course is not so high, so the temple of Paz Patti Na is the Kathmandu "." India is the transfer of the ferry life. I don’t love the tourists in the mouth "burn corpse Temple" this argument sounds a bit disrespectful means, it is not an ordinary crematorium, but with a strong religious mysticism, but the name of the temple of Paz Patti Na was too hard to pronounce, so I was unconsciously slightly change your pronunciation, it is called "burning temple", perhaps a little? Ha-ha。 Our side by side to the iPhone map, meet every possible to speak English in a passer-by for directions, the Kathmandu area crankle runaway for nearly an hour, finally found the "burning the corpse temple". Looking ahead, there is a large religious buildings, very magnificent. We also did not go to the holy river, suddenly heard a large roadside inside the shed curiously ran now singing, now dancing, a look. Many people sit in the greenhouse, the stage seems to have a band in the show, there are people singing, the audience also followed the chorus. Although we do not understand the meaning, but certainly not a star concert, it should be some kind of religious activities, right? We are constantly looking around, some local people waved us shoes in, we are afraid, afraid of accidentally offended the local gods. The crowd for a while, is preparing to turn left, suddenly an old woman wearing a sari for us each side to a disc with lotus leaf Sheng good food, do not see what the ingredients, it is ambiguous shape, a yellowish white, a gooey, a green paste, but also a lot of components. By the side.相关的主题文章: