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Travel-and-Leisure Nashville attracts thousands of tourists every year; the place is famous for its historical sites, museums, theme parks, sports, entertainment, food, festivals and many other events that take place yearly. Nashville tourist attractions are known world wide especially because of very Nashville nature, people here are friendly and believe in living their lives to the fullest. The main Nashville tourist attractions are stated briefly below: a.Belle Meade Plantation these plantation dates back to the times of cultural independence, the historic site connotes the southern plantations darkest American history. These mansions are grand and huge. Belle Meade, self proclaimed herself to be the Queen of Tennessee plantations and expressed regret over the restoration. b.Country music Hall is another major attraction in the downtowns entertainment district. The museum houses the crown jewels of the countrys past music stories in the last two centuries. The place also consists of historic country video clips, dynamic exhibits, recorded music, state of the art design, live performances and many public programs. c.Grand Ole Opry is a great milestone centre stage for any artist of the country music, this is the place people dream to make it big someday. The famous artists like Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Tex Ritter, Patsy Cline and Minni Pearl performed at this historical venue. The present century, Opry establishes the launch of new artists to set the careers of younger artists. Opry works in the similar fashion as Apollo Theater and is famous for its rhythm and blues performers. d.Hermitage Andrew Jackson built Hermitage, although he was the first ever president that did not belong to aristocracy. Hermitage is a grand Antebellum plantation that has been now restored to a museum that is dedicated to Old Hickory. The place exhibits guided tours and the film on the history of the life of the president, you can have a look at the old Hermitage cabins where the former political leader and his wife, Rachel lived penniless. e.Country Wax Museum may not be as similar to Madame Tussaud, but they surely attracts loads of people here with historical figures like Hank Williams and Chet Atkins standing here. Other famous personalities are Loretta Lynn, Elvis, Chuck Berry and Alan Jackson. f.Nashville Convention center is a 118,675 sq. ft exhibit hall also consisting of 11,000 square foot ballroom and 40,000 square feet of lobby and also good terrace space. The place also has 25 meeting rooms. The exhibit hall is divided in to three sections having separate entrances for easy entry and exit. Other famous attractions are the Tennessee State museum that consists of more than 60,000 square feet of permanent exhibits and also a 10,000 square ft of hall that keeps on changing. The Nashville Symphony concert hall performs special concert event, 100 classical and pops songs are performed. Any visitor .ing to Nashville cannot miss out on visiting Nashville concert halls that are world famous, the varied entertainment centers are surely going to tickle your minds and brains. Its a destination to relax and rejuvenate for the people of all age groups. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: