Music guest hosted vr-park ecological conference joint 20 manufacturers set up an industrial t6670

Happy guest host VR-Park ecological   conference 20 manufacturers; combined with the establishment of industry alliances, communication channel, original title: happy guest host VR-Park eco 20 manufacturers conference jointly established industry alliance on August 27th news, music guest VR National Convention Center in Beijing held a theme of "happy future?" VR-Park industry ecosystem general assembly. VR CEO where the music guest, HTC Virtual Reality Technology Vice President Raymond, Intel (China) PC& IOT group strategic project director Jeff Hsueh and other guests attended the event, and for the VR industry in all aspects, discussed the multi dimension and sharing. Music guest CEO he art at the meeting to share a series of VRLe platform data: until this year, the cumulative number of paid users more than 5 million 240 thousand times, VRLe platform now has 144 game content. The maximum number of hits per month has reached 841442 times. In addition, the general assembly, he always in the next 10 years for the trend of VR-Park made a prediction, VR-Park industry scale will develop to the scale of 40 billion yuan. Le VR guest CEO He Wenyi on the Chinese VR line under the entertainment situation, where the art exhibition data show: small VR Museum (20-50 square meters) accounted for 70%, and VR Park (50-300 square meters) accounted for 25%, large VR Park (300-1000 square meters) accounted for only 5%. Subsequently, he also released a literary content platform VRLe4.0 version, launched a commercial client, businesses can monitor equipment and software support nowadays widespread payment, WeChat and alipay. The event, from HTC, Intel, NVIDIA and other manufacturers executives also share a lot for the VR industry’s view: HTC Virtual Reality Technology Vice President Raymond: according to our statistics, in the next 6 months, the mainland to buy VR more than the United States, that is to say, the market than the United States still hot. And we are more exciting is that mainland consumers are more willing to buy high-end VR, are expected to have a good experience. And now VR users, 84% are willing to pay for VR, more than 46% yuan is willing to pay more than 100 yuan. Intel Chinese PC& IOT business group director Jeff Hsueh: VR strategic project came on the Internet the biggest opportunity, first it must change the entire Internet, the domain name will change, billing system will change, the use of the system will change, 15 of thousands of manufacturers, the market has more than 1200, 13 million machines, each 400 years, 500 sets of hardware in terms of this huge market. The second is that we mentioned VR Park, it is the way to go with the Internet is not the same, because together, close to the more crowded place. VR has a wide range of market opportunities, such as iCafe, VR Park, live, interior design, education, training, medical, travel相关的主题文章: