Mobile Takes Center

Mobil-Computing The digital world had undergone massive changes in 2014 where mobile took center stage with the increase in user engagement through mobile applications. Digital media consumption, in the past four years, on smartphones had gone up by 394% while tablets contributed to a rise of 1721%. This mobile revolution has even led to search engines like Google updating their algorithms to better rank websites depending on their mobile-friendly quotient. These upgrades only suggest that mobile is here to stay and it is going to shape the future of all digital consumer activity. However, all the discussion around mobile or smartphones is in no ways an indication that smartphones are replacing desktops. The statistics from eMarketer show that desktop usage has also increased by 37% during the same period. Its just that people now spend more time on their mobile devices and hence, expect an excellent mobile experience for the sites they visit or access. The top 10 digital media properties alone witnessed 31% of the mobile traffic of the past 4 years, a direct result of increasing media consumption from mobile devices. Also, as smartphone hardware packs in larger screens and is adopted by an even greater number of users, app makers, marketers and publishers have to deal with continually changing user expectations. For businesses trying to leverage mobile and to equip their customers with a mobile-optimized version of their web services, a web development California company can be of assistance. This web development company is usually aware of the current market trends and often implements their knowledge in creating highly optimized websites for the businesses. Their prime objective is to develop websites that conform to the current market standards as well cater to the varying degrees of the consumers mobile displays. Besides, with Google tweaking their search algorithm to rank website based on their mobile-friendliness, it becomes all the more prudent that websites under development are mobile optimized. There are some additional repercussions to the growing mobile adoption as well, the parameters of which can be set to include mobile marketing strategies along with the incorporation of loyalty programs. In the past year, 46% of the digital marketers reported to using at least some form of mobile marketing that was almost twice the number when compared to 2013. The mobile marketers, about two-thirds, are of the opinion that mobile marketing strategies produced or will produce return on investments in the near future. Speaking of loyalty programs, they do pay off as the most effective mobile marketing strategy, so much so that a mobile application development company also have their in-house loyalty programs for either their employees or client partners. There is nothing left to the imagination as with growing the use of mobile devices, a mobile application development company California will only be required to create mobile apps that are an extension of a businesss web services. The consumers of today have just one single demand, above all else and it is that they get access to an enhanced mobile experiences on their devices, irrespective of what they are viewing or accessing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: