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I have less menstrual ovulation, these countermeasures – Sohu since June of last year took the ring child after menstruation is pitiful, so each month is no ovulation, blood gas estimation is not very good, has been in physical conditioning for child! Because I really want to in September next year before the birth of the chicken baby, so according to their physical condition of diet, or is the effect that the last practice! 2 every morning and afternoon drink black walnut and black rice paste (when I was eating breakfast and afternoon tea, is said to have kidney function!) 2 vitamin E 3 eat every morning (this in my book on women well, forget to do their own specific) to eat BRANDIED eggs 4 per night (glutinous rice wine tank + brown sugar + wolfberry + + red dates an egg), delicious, eat fifteen days or so, good nutrition. Drive cold warm house. The palace of cold blood is not good sisters can try, can be fattening Oh, I insist on when supper after eating 3 pounds of fat, too happy, because I am a thin woman, afraid of fat sister can eat breakfast the morning. 5 feet every night wormwood package! 6 aunt go after eating two weeks Wujibaifeng pills (early to eat at night to eat a packet of a packet), to eat before ovulation stopped, last month bought two boxes, also intends to fight a protracted war, the arms, left a box. Want to know the effect of the sisters can check their own internet. 7 before ovulation in October to do a few times to do acupuncture and moxa moxa to do it myself, I bought four boxes of smoked belly and Pakistan, moxibustion on women is very good, want to do the sisters to insist on doing every day. 8 every day in the construction of a lot of good pregnancy, to share the happiness of the sisters, to bring their own confidence, thanks to this platform. Probably in October to do these, there will be a dominant follicle in October according to 25 (2.1*1.7), and then in the afternoon to go on the list of the, 26.27. 28 have arranged their lessons. I hope I can help to share the good sisters, also pregnant! Let my baby healthy full-term birth, sons and daughters. This article from the "crazy man APP user -q1473896359591" experience sharing, the copyright belongs to the original author相关的主题文章: