Man hit and run the injured invalid died, police 11 hours to solve the case-candy candy

The injured man escapes died police 11 hours to solve the case on October 21st at 10 o’clock, near Jingzhou Road, Ma River fishing, there is a traffic accident, the driver to escape. After the incident, Jingzhou City Public Security Traffic Management Bureau four brigade police immediately launched investigation. The final lasted 11 hours, the traffic accident escapes successfully solved. Through the field surveillance video, you can see that the driver was driving a motorcycle without license plate, along the Jingzhou Avenue from south to north. Near the horse Creek fishing ground, the driver suddenly fell to the ground, the motorcycle fell to the side, the driver fell in the middle of the road. Later, there were vehicles passing by. Motorcycle inadvertently collided with the center guardrail, fell to the ground. The escaped vehicle followed and rolled its body. After the accident, the driver did not stop, and left the scene directly. After the wounded were found, rushed to hospital for treatment, and ultimately died. As soon as possible in order to find a hit and run driver, the police locked the 7 suspects vehicles in a large number of video surveillance, and has to Jingmen, Jiangling and other places to carry out investigation. In the eight ridge town of Wang Moujiazhong village villagers, police found a car named Brown Geely car on the site, there are a lot of suspected blood substances. In the face of evidence, the suspect Wang confessed to the hit and run. Wang is the eight Ridge Mountain local people, 34 years old. Police found that Wang’s behavior is hit and run, has been filed criminal case. Police remind drivers, when accidents occur, do not have luck. After the hit and run, not only the insurance company will not give compensation, the perpetrators will also bear legal responsibility. (reporter Xiao Han Ai Ji) attention to the big Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), to give you interesting, useful information, as well as good manners sent every day. Scan the next two dimensional code attention.

男子肇事逃逸伤者抢救无效身亡 警方11小时破案 10月21日晚上10点多钟,荆州大道马河渔场附近,发生了一起交通事故,肇事司机逃逸。事发后,荆州市公安交通管理局四大队民警立即展开侦查。最终历时11个小时,这起肇事逃逸交通事故成功告破。通过现场的监控视频可以看到,当时死者驾驶着一辆无号牌的摩托车,沿荆州大道由南向北行驶。行驶到马河渔场附近时,驾驶员突然倒地,摩托车摔到一边,驾驶员则倒在了路中间。随后,陆续有车辆从这里经过。摩托车不慎与中心护栏发生碰撞,倒地。逃逸肇事车辆紧跟其后,将其身体碾压。事发后,肇事驾驶员没有停车,直接离开了现场。伤者被人发现后,送往医院救治,最终抢救无效死亡。为了尽快找到肇事逃逸的司机,民警在大量监控视频中锁定了7辆嫌疑车辆,并先后前往荆门、江陵等地进行排查。在八岭山镇童桥村村民王某家中,民警发现王某名下的一辆棕色的吉利牌小车地盘上有大量疑似血液的物质。在证据面前,嫌疑人王某对肇事逃逸的事实供认不讳。王某是八岭山当地人,今年34岁。民警认定,王某的行为就是肇事逃逸,已经刑事立案。民警提醒驾驶员,发生事故时,千万不要抱有侥幸心理。肇事逃逸后,不但保险公司不会给予赔偿,肇事者还会承担法律责任。(记者 肖晗 艾冀)关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: