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Liver qi deficiency, kidney qi deficiency frequent timid   five also need to supplement gas — Health Channel – vigor and stamina is a sign of good health, and Qi deficiency not only make people tired, but also affect the function of related organs, cause a variety of health problems. The performance of five Zang Qi deficiency with different characteristics, the appropriate conditioning to supplement the five strength. Liver Qi liver opens into the eyes, liver Qi prone to dizziness, blurred vision, eye dull phenomenon. The liver in the chest, two rib liver meridian distribution in human body. Liver qi, liver Qi weakness, people will be a rib or stuffy bulge feeling. Liver blood deficiency, it is easy to emotional instability or a sense of horror. Liver qi deficiency is often seen in computer group, sedentary group and in patients with hepatobiliary diseases. The dogwood taste acidic air temperature, but not dry, for nourishing liver qi to medicine. According to the characteristics of liver and liver diseases like Yi Yu characteristics in the prescription of nourishing liver qi, add bupleurum, mint shuganliqi Jieyu product can prevent because of deficiency and stagnation of liver qi, help restore. Heart qi deficiency of heart qi deficiency, blood deficiency, so the heart qi is mainly pale complexion or pale, shortness of breath, palpitation, listless, hung up and other symptoms, prone to insomnia, dizziness, forgetfulness, lack of energy. The heart and the small intestine in the internal and external, so the heart qi deficiency is also prone to abdominal distension or constipation. Heart qi deficiency is common in cardiovascular disease, insomnia, anemia and mental workers. Daily acupuncture massage and diet can be used to recuperate. Is the original heart Shenmen point, at the end of the concave parts in the side of the little finger wrist crease. Pinch or rub Shenmen, with a slight sense of Suanzhang appropriate, tonifying Qi, calm mind, relaxing. Dietotherapy available lily, longan pulp 15  grams, sugar boiled; ice, the small daily frequency of service. Or with lily, lotus seeds 30  grams of rice; 200  grams of porridge take sooner or later. Temper deficiency often pale lip white, pale complexion, mainly for mental fatigue, lassitude, loss of appetite and other symptoms, accompanied by abdominal distention nausea, indigestion, loose stool, prolapse of the anus, even frequent urination embolism. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen main muscles and limbs, so that most of the mentally weak muscles soft, often feel tired limbs. Spleen deficiency of Qi and blood, the function of the stomach is also affected, manifested as loss of appetite and indigestion. The deficiency of Spleen Qi is often seen in the patients with diet and digestive system diseases. The three eye is the point of the spleen and stomach. Left hand, palm toward his ring finger in the longitudinal section near the hand draw three vertical lines and horizontal division, draw two parts, so that the formation of the six intersection point located in the intersection of the three eyes in the upper left corner of the right eye of three points; in the same way to position take the intersection of the upper right corner of the cave. With one hand thumb pinch, each hand 10  minutes, alternately. Lung qi deficiency and lung main gas, so the lung qi deficiency often spirit is weak, speech is low, easy and shortness of breath, cough, expectoration and other symptoms. The lung opens into the nose, skin).相关的主题文章: