Liu Tao, Jiang Shuying as beautiful because they maintain fitness. y580

Liu Tao, Jiang Shuying as beautiful as they like fitness maintenance ah lead: female stars not only the usual self America, even when the fitness value is still high, Yan is also with sweat, I looked very embarrassed, but they are still beautiful. Is obviously a big Su Yan, skin is good to burst? Because they have their own set of skin care guide ah! (source: Yuet network) Liu Yan micro-blog recently on micro-blog screenshot Liu Yan Po out of a group of makeup fitness photos, can see if her photos no modified, but the skin is still very delicate delicate, almost no flaws. Liu Tao also drying out and small earthworm Yang Zi fitness photos. 70 after Liu Tao and 90 after the comparison of the skin condition is not inferior to it, compared to the! Alyssa Chia after pregnancy has always insisted on fitness, not only quickly thin body down, the skin has become better and better. You can see the health care products and grape seed essence Alyssa Chia was still in the body at the same time the use of eye protection, grape seed essence can play the role of antioxidant, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, anti-aging effect, is very beneficial for women. Look at these stars, the fitness of the Su Yan is so perfect, it must be because they also pay attention to the fitness of the skin care! Generally speaking, people often exercise huge amount of perspiration, so the skin will be more delicate. Have a good health, a lot of natural rosy complexion. But some people are the more the worse the fitness of the skin, it is because there is no good skin care before and after exercise! For example, do you often wear makeup? Sweat like rain directly with a dry towel rub hard? Fitness after sweating out directly away? Want to be like some of the top female stars like the skin grasping hands, you have to pay attention to the face before and after fitness skin care! Fitness skin care guide 1, smooth without pox good skin dare to dare to bask in Su yan! Zhang Yuqi, a lot of people in order to be able to fitness when the United States and the United States, or to go to the gym to show up remover too much trouble, it directly to the makeup, it is absolutely impossible! It is also one of the reasons why many people are getting worse! When fitness will sweat, and sweat is your skin and Body Detox process. If the application of cosmetics is bound to plug the pores! Liu Tao, if you do not do a good job before the clean Wang Luodan, not only make-up, dust, grease will also plug the pores, it may lead to rough skin, long acne. Sun Li, you look at the top of the actress when the body is the color of the Yan, so clean to fitness, do not worry about the skin hurt, sweating when there will be no danger of flower makeup so embarrassed! You need these before you clean up! SK2 skin cleansing oil 460 yuan 250ml contains natural extracts and Pitera? Apple seed extract, can deep clean pores and effectively remove stubborn beauty makeup, mascara and sunscreen. This bottle of both facial cleansing products, after use, the skin shiny, sparkling. Whoo after the Gongcheng enjoy 285 yuan 180ml foam cleanser cleansing formula according to the ancient elaborate rotogravuer, containing angelica, chuanxiong rhizome, Trichosanthes fruit benevolence, red beans washing cosmetic ingredients, add more to.相关的主题文章: