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Listen to the old driver nonsense? How to choose the real safety car – car Sohu believes that in many China the eyes of consumers, many people think that the Japanese car thin not impact, the network more sentence: "thin skinned stuffing three crisp, Teana accord Camry, almost together live!" The scene photos of all vehicle accidents, there are quite a few people with a love struck deformation to determine the extent of a car is safe, today the professor comes and everyone has the advantages of simple principle, the security of those things. The thickness of the steel plate is not necessarily safe workplace old driver in the car heard when the surface will knock the car to determine how much the thickness of the steel plate, and then switch the door several times to see if there are any heavy feeling, so that the safety of the car. The plate is also known as the body panel, if only for the thickness of the steel plate can withstand more impact if it can only be said to be the individual impact, such as stone plate, steel plate thickness deformation point is very small, this is the truth, and if the vehicle collision, the plate body structure covering piece body is more important. The structure design is good, even if the steel plate deformation, longitudinal and open and close the door still, whether there is heavy feeling in fact and the thickness of the steel plate body does not matter much, as long as the manufacturers in the insulation and sealants on the upgrade, can all listen to heavy feeling. Body stiffness and what? The rigidity of the body is related to three technologies: the selected steel, the skeleton structure and the stamping welding process. The three is the most rigid body strength of the core of the place, good steel determines the life of the body, the structure of the body design determines the strength of the body, precise stamping and welding process provides a strong reliability. For example, like an egg into the stone, means that in the same shape, because of the different materials, egg broken; the top side take egg hit another egg, the egg is broken by the side collision, means that in the same material, by the impact of different parts, the deformation effect of different and at this point, that the body structure design is very important, it is very easy to understand. Good after the rear collision beam collision bubble? Japanese and German cars are seen in a lot of entry China reduced, manufacturers cost savings, with foam instead of the rear collision beam, according to collision resistance ability, the front bumper beam than after anticollision beam resistance, but also for the design of energy absorbing and the rear collision beam and collision avoidance bubble. Can play the role of internal protection in low speed collision, and if by high speed rear end accident, whether anticollision beam or bubble, is an utterly inadequate measure of no avail. So the professor think back anti-collision beam down to the rear collision bubbles in safety and not a lot, but if the collision to pedestrian collision bubble, buffer capacity is better, so the pedestrian injury will not replace the accessories and cheap. Is the metal tank unsafe than the engineering plastic tank? In general, the tin tank collision easy to sag, prone to corrosion, resulting in leakage, collision sparks prone to spontaneous combustion, and the engineering plastic fuel tank structure is strong and durable, reduce weight, reduce fuel consumption. The professor believes that the early iron tank explosion caused rear end.相关的主题文章: