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Listen to the maternal grandfather and grandmother told the story of time – Sohu I remember when I was young, no TV at home, in the night, the only entertainment is in the warm Kang Wai, listening to their stories in Grandpa and grandma grandpa side, mouth dry pipe, white porcelain pot bubble tea, in the dim light and again tell us those familiar can’t familiar with folk tales, Grandpa although culture is not high, the belly of the story will not exceed 10, but it gave me endless childhood and meet on the outside of the yearning, in those boring days gave me mentally strong support. Grandma and grandpa tell the story, actually the understanding of their life, life experiences are melting into it, so special Naiting, taste, unfortunately, I can’t hear, only miss! So I want to choose some, especially for Grandpa, grandma, story books, recommend it to everyone, let children feeling into the story, into memory, into the blood, the melt in the same phrase at the beginning of the story: a long time ago…… The first book is from Korea painter, obtained the Bologna award of the author, the white paper book "Sheena red bean porridge" for grandma or mother, grandma said, the story is typical of folk stories, repeat the sentence climax of the story, the story of a typical love hate clear, at the end of a structure. This book was first published, my son just six months, his special love, every day I say, lost for six months, until one year old two months, he was transferred to the other story. The second book is Grandpa’s story, from the German "Grandpa" is the story of the red cheeks, a grandson of dead grandpa miss, miss their time together, Miss grandpa told him his story, and these stories, with many grandpa bragging ingredients, or is Grandpa grandson’s funny jokes, in short, grandchildren love his grandfather, at the end of the story, the little boy’s face also has the same red cheeks and grandpa, this is not genetic, love is a continuation of the family’s memory. The third book, a dialogue between a grandson and a grandmother, the little boy asked his grandmother, what are you afraid of? She said she was afraid to see the squirrels in the trees. She was afraid of seeing the flowers blooming…… Finally, the little boy know that grandma is afraid of separation, fear can not see her grandson, the deep love of wisdom, grandma, permanent romantic language, romantic way to tell the child, the meaning of life, is to see so many beautiful things, in fact, this is a book about the separation. About the life view, of course, for grandma, grandma is! The fourth book, the story from Italy, touching story full of compassion, old Mason Angelo (English angel) is the maintenance of the church Mason, one day, he found a wounded church for dove, the maintenance staff, the most dislike is dove, because they’re going to church. However, the elderly, dove wants to put it in a safe place, have not found, had to take home, slowly to in the treatment of wounds, such as dove ready, it together with the elderly.相关的主题文章: