Li Keqiang meets with the mayor of Montreal, Canada –

Canada Li Keqiang met with Montreal mayor Kedl Beijing, China News Agency, Montreal, September 24 (reporter Guo Jinchao Xu Changan) China Premier Li Keqiang 23 pm local time in Montreal at the hotel met with Montreal mayor Kedl canada. Li Keqiang said that Montreal is one of Canada’s economic, cultural and scientific center, but also one of the important destinations for Chinese companies to invest in industrial and civil tourism. I hope that Montreal will play a comparative advantage, and more places in China to deepen exchanges and cooperation in trade and investment, aviation, tourism and other fields, to better benefit the people of the two countries. Li Keqiang pointed out that urbanization is an important part of human modernization, China is undergoing modernization, industrialization will be accompanied by urbanization. China is promoting the process of building a new urbanization, we are willing to strengthen exchanges and mutual learning with Montreal, learn advanced urban management experience and ideas, to create a new growth point of cooperation between the two countries. Kedl said that Montreal and Shanghai exchanges and cooperation is very good. Mongolia is willing to work with Shanghai city China strengthen in many aspects of city management, environmental protection, high-tech, sustainable development cooperation, give full play to the cooperation between big city advantage, in order to promote the further development and play a greater role in the relationship. Mongolia look forward to FTA FTA feasibility study smoothly. After the meeting, Kedl presented a key to the city of Montreal, Premier Li Keqiang. (end)相关的主题文章: