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Business Leadership styles are available in many forms. There is one called transformational leadership developed by Burns and Bass. It is interesting since it seeks to balance the results-oriented with the people-oriented side of the leadership equation. Transformational leadership style is a type of leadership style that leads to positive changes in those who follow. Leaders in this type of leadership are generally energetic, enthusiastic and passionate. They are also focused on helping every member of the group to succeed. The transformational leader facilitates change not only for the individual and the organization but also for the society. There are actually several characteristics of a transformational leader. He must charismatic. Charisma is more than just a magnetic person that draws people to him. A leader without a vision is blind however a transformational leader has a vision. He uses this vision in creating a future that is desirable for the organization. Furthermore, he has intellectual stimulation. To have charisma and vision is not enough to become a good leader; however he must also be concerned with the development of his followers. Hence, the leader must engage in intellectual stimulation for followers to see at a problem using fresh lenses leading to new solutions. Transformational leadership development similarly should include these characteristic. Hiring a motivational speaker is actually not enough, rather delegating tasks, working and using these key characteristics of a transformational leadership would positively develop workers and leaders. To achieve a long-term corporate growth and to be able to sustain competitive edge, successful businesses hire some company personnel with very good managerial skills to enhance and work out a leadership development program. It is actually critical for a business to survive the competition due to the rising technology. In fact there is a lot of innovative products available in the market today. With this, strategic planning gets in. Similarly, leadership developmental program aims to apply these strategies. Leadership development program primarily aims to acquire a wide-scoped leadership vision. In macroeconomic level this is referred to as timely topics which include the links between emerging markets and fully developed economies. So what do we expect from a leadership development program? Actually, it aims to equip serviceable managers in your company with decision-making skills. Leadership development program build foundational skills of the acquired in-depth knowledge of core business functions. It examines innovative techniques out of the rising technologies for accelerating results throughout the company in any change in market trend. It aims to come up with a holistic approach in identifying business problems to formulate corresponding solutions. It also develops strategic skills to implement through efficient decision making. Furthermore, it increases your capacity in leading corporate projects and cross-functional initiatives despite the challenging worldwide markets. About the Author: Just visit ..resultsdrivengroup.co.uk/courses.apx?GroupID=4 if you are interested to get leadership development program. Their leadership development programs are developed around client requirements. They are taking into account the needs of individual learners, the team and the business. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: