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Reference-and-Education The western world has adopted many of the classic teaching of China, adoption of Sun Tzu Art of War Sun Tzu art of war is one of them. Sun Tzu was a renowned marshal of ancient China and his work on war strategies is considered to be one of the best works in strategy. Another important fact with Sun Tzu art of war is that it is timeless. Businesses today have found the application of art of war strategies very relevant in understanding and analyzing modern corporate. In his work Sun Tzu had described the five traits of a leader that differentiates him from the rest. These qualities are still viable in the modern world. Sun Tzu has been careful in describing both the positive and negative qualities in a leader. Who is a leader in Sun Tzu? The study of leadership is long known in human history. In the ancient times the princes were trained to be.e the future leaders. For a long time now, the search is on for ‘what makes a leader?’. Sun Tzu had described the five attributes which would differentiate a leader from the mass. The five qualities that would make a leader are, Wisdom- Wisdom is a primary requisite for a leader. Wisdom is different from being smart or intelligent but the ability to consistently make the right judgement in decision making. Wisdom is toughest quality to find and develop in leader. Kind- the leader must be sympathetic to the needs of his followers and demonstrate respect to his fellow human. He must be able to connect emotionally with the people. Credibility-The leader should earn respect from others. The ability to earn trust helps to build a reputation to attract talent and even build positive relationship with the .petitors. Brave- The leader should possess courage and decisiveness qualities. A leader who is brave will be able to see opportunity even in adversity and motivate the followers by taking the lead. Discipline- Sun Tzu was careful to recognize the importance of discipline and training in leadership development. Discipline must be closely adhered to value and culture preposition and more importantly, it is required for .mand and control. If we analyse the successful leaders of human race, we would find that even without the conscious study of art of war, all of them have possessed the qualities of the leader mentioned by Sun Tzu. Application of Sun Tzu is leadership development The leadership development program targets at inculcating the leadership values in the aspiring leaders. The leader should be able to unite the .pany for the same mission. The Sun Tzu art of war leadership development program aims at invigorating the leadership qualities amongst managers and help them with strategic thinking to win a corporate battle with minimum conflict. Sun Tzu Art of War highlights the need to win a battle without fighting. A wise leader would not make a rash decision to go into conflict unless with high certainty of victory. Instead of fighting, a wise leader would identify the weakness of the .petitor use it against them. Wisdom often requires life experience, wit and emotional maturity. The validity of the teaching of Sun Tzu can’t be denied in modern corporate environment. The art of war also describes the negative qualities that one should avoid in a leader. About the Author: By: Karen Wilson – Whenever the students face any academic challenges while pursuing their MBA Course, they can seek help or assistance from the renowned academic portals. By: Sumit Srivastava – MD in Pharmacology is a postgraduate level pharmacy course that studies drugs as a natural, endogenous or man-made molecule exerting a physiological or biochemical effect on cells, organs, tissues or organisms. 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