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Jubilee Pavilion, how to stimulate science 0 – 3 years old baby’s hearing wisdom? – Sohu mother and baby can not speak for a long time, parents tend to think that the child is not the reason, but did not understand the meaning of hearing in the baby to learn to speak or even the whole process of growth. Hearing is the basis of language development, it will not only have a positive impact on the future of all learning, but it will also affect the quality of interpersonal relationships. Therefore, mom and dad have a clear idea about the necessary hearing baby, namely infancy is a critical period of the development of children’s hearing, if the children’s living environment lack of rich auditory stimulus, will be hindered the baby’s hearing development, and when the hearing impaired, will lead to the lag of children the development of language. From the baby to 1 years of age when the fetus for 3 months, you can hear the sound of the mother’s body, at the age of 5 months, the hearing level is close to adults, can hear the mother’s voice and respond to the outside. When mom while touching the stomach to baby talk, fetal in baby maybe were listening to your teachings! Mother’s voice is the baby of the "Teana" research has shown that the frequency of sound is the baby’s mother, love is the most suitable for your baby. Regular and baby talk, talk about the story, let the baby feel your love for him, the day after the baby and you form good attachment to be of great advantage. In addition, joy or anger of mother love in words can be identified by the baby, it can be said that the mother is feeling the baby feeling, therefore, is very important to the baby mother to maintain a happy mood. Baby mother is the best music teacher from the fetus, you can choose some of the peace and quiet of the classical music or relaxed cheerful songs for the baby. Need to make it clear that these music only after listening to their mother to feel comfortable to have a good effect on the fetus. Clever use of "mother tune" because of the birth of some of the baby’s voice has an instinctive preference for hearing, so when adults speak to the baby, you can use a very special way – Mom tune. For example: when talking to some exaggerated tone, cadence, slowly and clearly, but also with the specific action items or demonstration, can also use reduplicated words (belly, a coat), so it is able to attract children’s attention. 1 – 3 years old baby before the age of 1, most of the time the baby is on the ground activities, such as learning to walk, his vision has a great open, the scope of activities has greatly increased. His thirst for knowledge and curiosity is more intense, what should touch, taste, ears are to be accepted more stimulus. Inspired by the rich vocabulary of the baby’s auditory wisdom at this time the baby’s keen sense of hearing, according to the instructions of the language can be taken to the mother toys. Parents usually must often speak with the baby, you have to slow down. At the age of 1 or so, to let the baby say some words, such as hug, mom and dad. When he is a little older, he can express his needs in the right way, and guide him to match the animal with his cry. Let the music chord music to impress the baby.相关的主题文章: